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A leaking toilet is unhygienic, smelly, and extremely harmful for both the health of your family members and the structural strength of your house. Usually, a toilet leaking at the base can be fixed at home without hiring a professional technician. For this purpose, you know the reasons that cause the toilet base to leak and the tools required to correct the issue. In this article, we will discuss how toilet leaking seal can be fixed at home, including:

Reasons Why Toilet Base Leaking Occurs

There are four main reasons that may cause your toilet leaking at the base:

What Tools Are Required to Fix a Toilet Leaking Seal at Home?

The following tools are a must requirement if you wish to DIY correct toilet base leaking at home:

Steps to Fix Toilet Base Leaking

First, check for condensation around the toilet base. If the issue is due to condensation, install a tray to collect the condensed water. Similarly, insulating the water tank and maintaining the flapper can correct the issue.

Then, remove the plastic covers from the toilet base and tighten the tee bolts connecting the toilet to the group. Ensure that your wax ring is fully compressed. In some cases, the tee bolts have been damaged and cannot be tightened. Use a hacksaw to remove these bolts and install new ones as a replacement.

Furthermore, you may have to remove the toilet completely. In such cases, shut off the water supply and flush your toilet. Then, use a cloth to remove the excess water at the bottom. Once the water is removed, remove all the bolts and screws and lift the toilet. Put it safely on one side to avoid any damage. Finally, remove the damaged wax ring and install a new one in its place. Make sure you position the new wax ring properly. Otherwise, it will not hold the water inside. 

Once you have completed all these steps, reinstall the toilet and connect the waterline. Make sure the wax ring has completely sealed the base before flushing.

Tips to Prevent Toilet Leaking at the Base

Avoid using chemical drain cleaners because they can damage the wax rings. These cleaners can also damage the bolts and loosen them. Similarly, schedule regular toilet inspection at six-month intervals to change the wax ring if you suspect any damage. Avoid flushing your toilet if the wax ring is even slightly damaged. Otherwise, toilet base leaking may occur immediately. Don’t wait for external help if you spot an issue. Try fixing it immediately. Also, if the issue is not fixable at home, hire a plumber as soon as possible.


Fixing your toilet base leak at home is easy following the simple steps mentioned in the article. Let us know in the comments section if these steps helped you fix the problem.

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