First American Home Warranty Review: Cost, Plans and Coverage

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First American Home Warranty entered the home warranty industry in 1984 and has cemented its place since then as a major hone warranty provider, serving more than 500,000 people across the country. Currently, First American Home Warranty’s customer service is excellent, with its three major offices dealing with all customer requirements daily. First American Home Warranty BBB rating stands at B. Here, the article will discuss the First American Home Warranty review, including:

  • Benefits and Drawbacks of First American Home Warranty
  • First American Home Warranty Plans
  • How to Purchase First American Home Warranty
  • How to File A Claim with First American Home Warranty
  • General Concerns Regarding First American Home Warranty

Benefits and Drawbacks of First American Home Warranty

First American Home Warranty plans have a low monthly fee, making it affordable for most homeowners. Concurrently, the company offers a fixed service call fee rate which ensures that the homeowner is aware of the exact expense he will incur on calling the company’s services. Currently, the service call fee is fixed at 85 USD. The amount is comparable to the competitors, who may charge as high as 150 USD per service call. 

However, First American Home Warranty reviews suggest some major flaws in its dealings. First, the company is not offering its home warranty services in 14 states across the US. Homeowners in Illinois, Louisiana, Alaska, Delaware, Connecticut, Minnesota, Hawaii, New York, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Vermont, and Rhode Island can not avail of First American Home Warranty services. Similarly, no optional coverage for the roof is provided by the home warranty provider. Another major issue is the restricted number of plans offered. Currently, the customers have to select between 2 plans only.

First American Home Warranty Plans

There are two plans offered for the homeowners to choose from Premier and Basic. If you require coverage for the home appliances, you may opt for the Basic plan. However, the Premier plan is required to cover the systems along with home appliances. Additionally, you can add a very restricted list of additional addons to both plans as well. These add-ons include your second refrigerator, pool/spa equipment, and well pumps, etc.

The Basic plan costs 38 USD per month or 420 USD per year. On the other hand, the Premier plan costs 48.50 USD per month or an annual price of 546 USD. The additional coverage is charged at 2 to 17 USD per item based on the item type, model, and make. Similarly, the plan and additional items pricing can vary in different locations.

If you are a war veteran, you get a 25 USD discount on the Basic plan offered by First American Home Warranty.

How to Purchase First American Home Warranty

Tyr is getting in touch with a  realtor who can arrange the First American Home Warranty plan for you. Similarly, you may use the professional website maintained by First American Home Warranty to initiate the home warranty process. Provide information like homeowners’ names, state, street address, phone number, and other details regarding your home. Once you are done, the team will provide you a detailed quote for free based on your requirements. Then, you may decide if you wish to make a monthly or annual payment.

How to File a Claim with First American Home Warranty

You can use the online portal of First American Home Warranty to file a claim. This portal can be accessed through the login and password you received when creating your account. Once you are on the portal, provide the details of the claim. Alternatively, you can contact the helpline of First American Home Warranty which is available 24/7, and mention the entire issue to them. Without reporting your claim, it is difficult to get a quick response and prompt help regarding the issue you are facing.

General Concerns Regarding First American Home Warranty

The home warranty contract doesn’t cover water damage. The First American Home Insurance plans may cover this protection. Similarly, any pests-related damage or theft is not part of the home warranty coverage. You must protect your appliances and systems from mold yourself as well. 

Usually, your technician arrives within four business hours after the claim has been reported. However, it may take up to 48 hours, based on the nature of the claim. First American Home Warranty reviews suggest that most customers enjoy excellent service times with their problems corrected within 24 hours of making a claim. However, instances have been reported where weeks have passed with no assistance. Currently, First American Home Warranty has an extensive network of contractors in the states it operates in. This way, quick service is usually possible for the warranty provider for all sorts of claims.


First American Home Warranty offers some lucrative plans to cover your systems and appliances. Contact their team today and get started with their home warranty services.

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