The Home Service Club Review

Selecting the right home warranty provider is important to ease your home’s maintenance process and reduce repair and replacement costs. One major player in the home warranty market today is the Home Service Club. The Home Service Club reviews suggest that customers are highly satisfied with the service quality provided by the HSC home warranty. Additionally, the home service club warranty offers extensive coverage for almost all home appliances and systems. In this article, we will discuss the Home Service Club in detail, including:

Background of the Home Service Club

The Home Service Club warranty provider is a late-comer in the market, entering the home warranty scene in 2009. Since then, the company has rapidly grown to cover 49 states, except for Wisconsin. For most homeowners, Home Service Club offers quick coverage without a formal home inspection requirement. This ease of access makes it the preferred choice amongst many middle-income households. You can get your quote from the HSC home warranty helpline number +1 800 842 9334. However, the Home Service Club home warranty is currently not accredited by BBB, raising a serious question mark on its level of customer satisfaction.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Home Service Club

Home Service Club offers some unique benefits that are unmatched by other home warranty providers. First, you do not need a formal home inspection to begin your coverage. As such, you can get immediate coverage after applying and paying for the home warranty without waiting for a formal inspection of your house. Similarly, there is a 30-day labor guarantee provided by Home Service Club, and it gives a parts guarantee of 90 days. Both guarantees ensure that the homeowner can get the best value for money. Similarly, you can get replacements and repairs for all the covered items without any concern regarding the appliance or system’s model, make, and age.

On the other hand, the HSC home warranty has some notable disadvantages as well. Currently, it does not offer its competitive home warranty services to the citizens of Wisconsin. Additionally, its regular customers can face a high fee of 95 dollars per service call. Similarly, its credibility is seriously questionable given that the Better Business Bureau does not accredit it.

Plans offered by Home Service Club Home Warranty

There are two main plans offered by Home Service Club: standard coverage and comprehensive coverage. The standard coverage plan covers your air conditioners, heating system (including heat pumps), plumbing system, water leaks and heater, electrical system, ceiling fans and vacuum, garbage disposal system, microwave oven, garage door opener, dishwasher and refrigerator, cooking ranges, trash compactors, freestanding ice makers and clothing washers.

The comprehensive coverage plan covers everything included in the standard plan. It provides coverage for ductwork, sump pump, gas leaks, instant water dispenser, whole house exhaust, alarm warning, pest control, telephone wiring, doorbells, smoke detectors, plumbing stoppage coverage, and whirlpool monitors. 

Additionally, the homeowner has the liberty of adding other addons to the packages as well. These additional add-ons can include the pool, water softener, well pump, roof coverage, spa, sprinkler system, sewage ejector pump, utility line coverage, etc. It is important to consider the sample contract to know which things are covered and which remain uncovered under the HSC home warranty.

Pricing of HSC Home Warranty

Currently, both plans offered by HSC home warranty are comparatively more expensive than the industrial average. The standard coverage plan costs 45.95 USD per month, while the comprehensive coverage plan costs 60-95 USD. Additionally, you have to pay a 95 USD service call fee every time the services of the home warranty provider are availed. This service call fee is also higher compared to the industrial standard of 75 USD. However, many HSC home warranty reviews suggest that the company is flexible with the service call fee, and you can discuss the issue with the representative to reduce the fee.

Before making your final decision, contact the official helpline of Home Service Club and ask for the newer price list. The prices may vary based on your home’s size, plan, and requirements regarding the appliance and systems coverage in your home.

Reviews of Home Service Club Warranty

Many people who have availed of the services of Home Service Club are satisfied with their response times and customer dealings. Additionally, the service quality of the works performed is exceptional as well. However, the response was very slow in some cases, and the customers did not receive any repairs or replacements. 


Home Service Club Warranty offers you an excellent home warranty option if you want high-end coverage that does not require a house inspection. Let us know your experience in the comments section.

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