Sears Home Warranty has been in the market for over two decades, providing exceptional services to homeowners. Currently, they offer high coverage limits with premium home warranty plans. Their reputation for providing the best value for money has helped them garner many loyal clients over the years. Additionally, the sears warranty service has an exceptional reputation for its emergency services. At the same time, Sears’s warranty on appliances has some notable disadvantages as well.

sears home warranty

Market Information

To know the company better, it is important to know the crucial details of the firm. Sears Home Warranty is owned by Transform SR Brands LLC and was established in 2019. The current CEO is Edward S. Lampert, with the current headquarter address 1209 Orange St; Wilmington, DE 19801. It is offering services in all US states except Alaska and Hawaii. Currently, Sears Warranty is a private company that focuses on Small Claims Court for any dispute resolution. The company falls under the Sears Holdings Corporation, which was set up in 1992. Most of the complaints received are resolved within the company.

Accessibility of The Firm

People can access Sears Home Warranty’s customer service 24/7 through phone calls or by visiting their website for the official form. Additionally, it is possible to reach out to them on their social media accounts.

Firm Benchmarks

Currently, Sears Home Warranty company has over 1580 employees and annual revenue of over 110 million USD. It has dealt with 6656 BBB complaints in the last three years, with a traffic of 273,000. Additionally, its network spans a total of 2000 independent contractors today.


Currently, the firm offers three main plans. The Sears Warranty on the appliance is called the Appliance package. You can also choose the Systems package and the Combo plan. The cost of these plans is between 49.99 USD to 69.99 USD. Selecting the right plan depends on the requirements of the homeowner.

The home appliance insurance costs over 450 USD, while the home warranty service costs only 49.99 USD per month, totaling 600 USD per year. It also requires an additional service call fee of 75 USD. The plan covers most appliances such as your microwave, refrigerator, oven, and trash compactor. Similarly, your water heater and other heating systems are also maintained.

On the other hand, the homeowner may opt for the systems plan covering all installed systems in the house. The home warranty price is higher than the average industrial price. However, the service quality is better to provide the right value for money.

Although the prices are high, the coverage limits are between 1000 to 1500 USD, with an optional coverage limit of up to 10000 USD.

Some Other Benefits of The Warranty

The warranty covers your complete air conditioning system, including the wall cooling system. Additionally, it also covers the heating system installed in the home. However, chimneys and fireplaces are not covered.

You can get your electrical, plumbing, and many home appliances covered without any extra charges in the same home warranty packages. However, the foreign objects or underground plumbing options are not covered in this package. You still get coverage for the mechanical parts and the garbage disposal components.


Sears Home Warranty is a strong contender for excellent home warranty services. Although pricey, its extensive network of contractors offers great service quality in most locations. It also offers a competitive package with great coverage. However, the ac and heating coverage does not provide cover for some crucial components.  Consider getting it if it suits your requirements.