First American Home Warranty

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First American Home Warranty offers a great service for reasonable prices. With their flexible plans, the large network of high-qualified professionals, and twenty-four-hour customer service this company can be named one of the best in the USA home warranty market. Protect your home systems and appliances with the First American Home Warranty!


What We Like about First American Home Warranty


Prices can start with just $30 per month, this is less than $1 per day! 

Comprehensive Coverage

Choose Basic Plan or Premier Plan for your house


Operating for more than 35 years in USA

24/7 Support

Get your customer support online or via call at any hour of the day

Other Benefits

The other reasons why we recommend you the First American Home Warranty

If they can't repair it, they will replace it

Covers all your home’s major home appliances with the Basic Plan

Well Known & Trusted American Brand

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Home Warranty

Home warranties are comparable to insurance policies or service contracts that cover the products and structural components of a residential building. This type of coverage is different from home insurance, which pays for damage and loss caused by natural disasters.

Home warranties cover equipment packages such as kitchen appliances, additional equipment like water heaters, HVAC units, sewers and gas pipes, plumbing and electrical systems, up to swimming pools and spas. Other forms of home warranty take care of home systems.

Home warranties are extremely popular and are considered to be as important as home insurance. They can both save the average home up to $1,500 in home repairs annually and provide the comfort of coverage for systems and appliance if any disasters happen.

Frequently Asked Questions about Home Warranties

Garage door openers, Clothing dryers, Refrigerators, Microwave ovens, Garbage disposals, Ovens, Ceiling and exhaust fans, Clothing washers, Swimming pools, Air conditioning, Plumbing, Water heaters, Solar panels, Thermostats, Coffee machines, Cell phones, Tablets, Televisions, Computers and more

Home warranties are priced annually and vary depending on the company you chose, the amount of appliances and systems you would like to cover, and also based on your location. They range at around $370-$800/year. The best option when it comes to choosing the right plan is to talk to your home warranty consultant in order to get an exact cost.

A home warranty deductible is a price you pay for a service call. For example if your refrigerator breaks down then you would need to call a contractor to come fix it. If you have a home warranty then you would call the home warranty provider that would in turn send a licensed contractor to inspect the refrigerator. For every service call like this you will need to pay a deductible. Usually there are no more additions on top of that.

Yes. A home warranty can be canceled at any time usually with a 30-60 day notice policy that should be attached to your legal agreement.
No. First the home warranty company would send you a contractor for a service call. If you are unsatisfied with that contractor, then you would be able to chose your own.
The coverage time for home warranties is for a 12 month period and should be renewed at the end of every 12 month period.
Yes. If you have tenants and you want to save yourself the time and money of servicing their repairs then the ideal option for you is to have a home warranty. In fact you can put the tenants in touch directly with the home warranty company.
There is no guarantee about how much money you can save from having a home warranty. However the average consumer saves around $1,500 on home repairs if they have a home warranty.

More Information about First American Home Warranty

First American Home Warranty Plans

Basic Plan

Covers all your essential home appliances

Premier Plan

Covers all the appliances in the Basic Plan plus the main home systems of your house.

What is included:

  • Refrigerator
  • Washer
  • Dryer
  • Oven
  • Cooktop
  • Explore more on the website

What is included:

  • Basic plan home appliances
  • Heater
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Explore more on the website