do home warranties cover HVAC

Your HVAC system is very important to the overall comfort of your home. A faulty HVAC system, especially in extreme temperatures, can badly damage your living standards. However, finding the best air conditioning company providing home warranties to cover the HVAC system is difficult. Here, the article will discuss how to get your home warranty to replace ac unit from most accompanies, including

Should I Take Home Warranty for AC Conditioner Companies

HVAC systems are very complex and have a lot of important components. Even a single faulty component can stop the system and lead to uncontrolled air temperatures in your home. However, the system is very costly to repair and replace. A complete replacement of important components of the system can cost you over 12000 USD. Similarly, you can pay around 20 USD per foot for the ductwork replacement. All these costs can be burdening for a middle-income homeowner to bear consistently.

Moreover, maintenance of HVAC systems is an added responsibility that comes at a costly price tag. You have to pay for the component costs and the labor fee of the contractors and electricians. However, you can reduce these unforeseen expenses falling on your bank account with home warranties covering HVAC. Instead, you do not have to pay the full charge in case such an issue occurs. Call your home warranty company and pay the service call fee. Then, please leave it to them to replace the damaged unit for you to pay most of the costs. All you have to pay is a steady monthly or annual premium.

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Do Home Warranties Cover Existing Issues with HVAC?

Home warranties may cover existing issues with your HVAC system if you have purchased a new home. These special types of home warranties are called the buyer’s warranty. However, in case you have an old home, the warranty will not cover the known conditions. The only exception is an unknown pre-existing condition with the HVAC system that emerges after the coverage period begins. In such cases, the home warranty company will cover the expenses of repairs and replacements related to that pre-existing condition. To ensure no pre-existing undisclosed conditions, most home warranty companies perform a complete inspection before offering the warranty contact.

What Aspects to Consider When Taking Home Warranty for HVAC?

There are several factors that you must consider when selecting the home warranty coverage for HVAC systems:

The premium cost is the most important expense. Get an accurate quote from the companies you are considering by mentioning your locality, house size, and the age of your home. Only select a home warranty that suits your budget, or it can become a sizeable financial burden in the future. Apart from the premium costs, consider the service call fee as well. Usually, the premium and the service call fee have an inverse relation: if one is increased, the other decreases. Choose wisely.

The customer support services of the company you select are very important because most claims have to be initially processed by customer support. Without proper customer support services, you are likely to face an issue with each claim. Check the BBB rating of the home warranty company for the level of customer satisfaction it provides before making your final decision.

Inclusions are extremely important when selecting the HVAC system home warranty. Select the home warranty the excludes the least number of components from your HVAC system. In some cases, home warranties leave out important components that can be costly to replace on your end.

Coverage limits are an important factor. Remember, you need a good payout to cover most of the expenses related to repairing and replacing HVAC systems. If the company you select provides lower payouts, you will still have to pay a hefty sum on each repair from your pocket. Select the firm that provides the best payouts like or American Home Shield or the Home Service Club.

Try selecting a plan that includes HVAC in the basic plan itself. If you opt for an addon plan with HVAC, you will have to pay extra to cover the system. Such coverage can become an added financial burden each month/ year.

The Best Home Warranties Providing Coverage for Your HVAC System

The best option is to select between American Home Shield and the Home Service Club. The choice is comparatively more affordable and has good payout rates. On the other hand, American Home Shield offers the most extensive coverage and the best payouts but comes at a hefty price tag. Also, First American Home Warranty is also considered good for HVAC system coverage.


Take out home warranty coverage today for your HVAC system and reduce your home maintenance expense considerably. 

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