Home Warranty in Connecticut

Having a home warranty helps cover a lot of repair and replacement expenses if your appliances or systems break down. Much like other states, you can get a home warranty from a trusted provider in Connecticut as well. Home warranty companies in Connecticut range from domestic home warranty providers to national players that have expanded in the area. Most Connecticut companies follow the state laws of Connecticut on home warranty regulation. Here, we will cover the best home warranty companies in Connecticut, including:

Do You Need a Home Warranty in Connecticut?

Most homeowners do have insurance cover in the form of buyer’s insurance when they purchase the house. Such insurance covers all the natural disasters that can affect your houses, such as a tree falling or strong winds. However, the home appliances and systems are not covered in your home insurance plan. As such, you can not use your home insurance plant o cover the repairs and replacements of your garage door opener, HVAC system, or cooktops. On the other hand, a home warranty focuses on covering your appliance and system failures, providing you an easy way to reduce the expenses you have to bear to repair or replace them.

What Must a Homeowner Consider When Purchasing a Home Warranty in Connecticut?

Before opting for any home warranty plan, the homeowner must consider several factors:

Home Warranty Plans in Connecticut

There are multiple plans available for homeowners in Connecticut, offered by many different companies. First, the homeowners can opt for the basic coverage plan covering some of the systems and appliances. However, the exact coverage of the systems and appliances varies with each company. Thus, always consider the specific offerings of any company before choosing their plan.

Secondly, people may opt for Premium Coverage plans. These plans offer value-added services and may give you a generous discount on annual pricing. Such plans cover most of your systems and appliances. Additionally, in ratio terms, they cost less per appliance/ system than the basic plan.

Laws and Regulations in Connecticut on Home Warranty

CGS Chapter 827 is the ruling code in Connecticut on state-specific home warranty laws. Here, a builder’s warranty is a must requirement when selling any new home to someone. However, the warranty is restricted to only one year and covers only a very few aspects. Similarly, the investment coverage is also regulated based on the age of the properties.

Best Home Warranty Connecticut

Choice Home Warranty offers great payout limits and has the best service quality. Additionally, they cover 15 appliances in their basic package that is higher than most domestic and local firms in Connecticut. It is affordable than many other big names and has a few exclusions.

On the other hand, it is selecting American Home Shied offers higher payout limits, reaching as high as 3000 USD per appliance/ system. Additionally, this home warranty has the least exclusions, and many additional items can be added as addons to any package. Currently, it offers the most extensive coverage, spanning over 21 appliances and systems. However, it may not be affordable for many median homeowners.

Another option is Liberty Home Guard that offers affordable plans that cover the roof leaks as well. However, their sales team can be very pushy at times. Additionally, the claim submission time is only three days. Sometimes, their services may be delayed due to the weaker chain of contractors compared to some other home warranty providers.


Get your home warranty today and reduce your repair expenses in Connecticut. Check the list above to select the best home warranty companies in the area.

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