I am a conscious person when it comes to spending money. Every choice I make is well-researched. Recently, I had an excellent experience with American Home Shield Home Warranty. Not only was the service quality exceptional, but they really saved me. So, because they asked I was more than happy to write this so-called article. Truth be told. they offer the most competitive services and are much more economical than roof repairs‘ regular price.

So … what happened?

I am a businessman and usually stay away from my home for extended periods. However, I am very particular when it comes to home preparation for the winter season. I’m from Waltham, MA, excessive snowfall is a common occurrence. If you’ve been to this area then you know about the beauty and the troubles. The cost of roof repairs usually reaches high amounts in winter. However, this year my autumn was spent traveling for work purposes.

Consequently, I couldn’t complete my preparatory activities. When I returned to my home in mid-winter from a business trip to Spain, my roof was leaking. There was a pile of snow inside my living room…

Why was this aspect a problem?

I was out on vacation and I know that the cost of roof repairs for major leaks can reach as high as $10,000-$15,000. I have a big house and that can really tough. Apparently, roof repair costs increase further if the new roofing material is required to fill the leakage. Honestly, the situation stressed me out. I saw $10,000 of my hard-earned money, leaving my pocket to pay the price of roof repairs.

American Home Shield – the Savior!

I purchased American Home Shield’s home warranty last year during a door-to-door promotional campaign. Back then, I had extra money to spare, and a friend suggested that I buy the warranty. I won’t lie – I was as concerned about buying the home warranty as anyone else. 

When I got back I called American Home Shield’s representative to visit my house and check if I was eligible for any support. The representative comforted me, mentioning that the home warranty I purchased will cover the cost of the roof repair. After an initial assessment, their representative sanctioned the cost of roof repairs. It ended up being free, well technically free as I’m paying about $500 not including the deductibles.

Being a businessman, I sat down and did some calculations. It turns out; I paid less than 10 percent of the price of roof repairs that I would have paid if I failed to purchase American Home Shield’s home warranty

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Why am I telling you this story?

Like I wrote originally, American home Shield asked me to, however, I think I would have done so in any case. American Home Shield’s home warranty services impressed me. Not only was I able to save money on roof repairs, but their team also guided me on methods to protect my roof in the future. Everything was looked after at less than 10 percent of the original price of roof repairs. American Home Shield truly are men of their word and everything that they promised came through. 

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