does a home warranty cover roof

A roof home warranty is important to cover the expenses of your roof repair and replacement. Usually, home warranties cover the main systems and appliances in your home. However, many home warranty companies offer extended coverage for other home items like swimming pools and roofs. In this article, we will discuss the home warranties that cover roofs in detail, including:

Does a home warranty cover roof?

A roof warranty is part of many home warranties offered to real estate agents, home buyers, and homeowners. Usually, a home warranty with roof coverage will help to cover the repairs and replacement costs of the roof of your house. Home warranty roof coverage is limited to the new problems that arise after obtaining the warranty. Similarly, it can cover the unknown pre-existing conditions as well.

Companies offering the best home warranty roof coverage

Best home warranty roof coverage is provided by Liberty,  First American, and American Home Shield. These companies are not the only home warranties that cover the roof. However, they offer the most extensive benefits to homeowners. For example, American Home Shield offers the best services, highest payouts, and the most comprehensive coverage. However, it comes at an expensive price tag, making it unaffordable for some homeowners. On the other hand, Liberty Home Guard has the best BBB rating, a relatively new company, maintaining an A+ for its trustworthiness with the customers. However, you only get free roof coverage during the first month of your hone warranty with Liberty Home Guard. After the first month, you are liable to pay 14.99 USD per month.

The service call fee of all companies is comparatively similar. Additionally, they offer excellent customer support, making them a popular choice with most homeowners.

Other companies offering a home warranty for roof coverage are as follows:

  1. Select Home Warranty offers the option to add roof coverage as an add-on to any of your packages. The company offers free coverage of your roof with a payout of 400 USD. However, many aspects of your roof are not covered in this home warranty. For example, the metal roofs, patios, and structural leaks are not part of the coverage offered by Select Home Warranty.
  2.  Choice Home Warranty is very affordable and covers the most important appliances and systems. Additionally, the home warranty company offers good payouts and has a great claim acceptance rate as well.
  3. The Home Service Club has a reputation for quick repairs. It offers great coverage for 1000 USD.

Limitations of roof warranty

Most roof warranties have multiple limitations involved. First, different types of material are not covered in most warranty offerings. For the exact list, check out the home warranty provider you are planning to opt for.

Similarly, the location of your house and the climatic conditions there play an important part in the coverage offered. The same applies to breakdown reasons and types as well.

Is it beneficial to get a home warranty for roof coverage?

Paying the costs of repairing and replacing your roof can be a serious financial burden. The issue increases in areas where there is a humid or extreme climate. In such areas, the roof may require frequent repairs that can be an added cost to the home management expense of the homeowner. On the other hand, you can minimize these expenses with home warranty coverage by paying the yearly/ monthly premiums and your service call fee.

Additionally, finding the right technician, especially in very cold climates, can be challenging to provide the repair work for your roof. The issue increases if you live in remote areas with infrequent access routes. For such areas, getting a home warranty makes things easier. Most home warranty companies have an extensive network of contractors. With the contractors, it is easy to get a technician to the right spot within minimal time. This way, you can get the repair done in less time than choosing otherwise.

Are roof leaks covered in roof warranty?

Some companies offer limited coverage for roof leaks. However, it can vary greatly across companies. Check out the manual offered by the company regarding their services before making your decision. If you live in an area with heavy precipitation, roof leaks can be a recurring problem. In such a case, I prefer taking a home warranty coverage that provides an efficient solution for roof leaks and a good payout to deal with the issue. Otherwise, even with a home warranty, you would have to pay a lot of money for the repairs and replacements.


Get your home warranty coverage today to help with roof repairs and roof leaks. Let us know in the comments sections which home warranty you prefer for roof coverage.