Top10US Best Home Warranty Companies

Thousands of homeowners and tenants have a home warranty in Massachusetts. The relief that a home warranty provides in the case of replacement or repair is unwavering in its benefits.

Top 10US Home Warranty by Cities in Massachusetts:

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Home Warranty

Home warranties are comparable to insurance policies or service contracts that cover the products and structural components of a residential building. This type of coverage is different from home insurance, which pays for damage and loss caused by natural disasters.

Home warranties cover equipment packages such as kitchen appliances, additional equipment like water heaters, HVAC units, sewers and gas pipes, plumbing and electrical systems, up to swimming pools and spas. Other forms of home warranty take care of home systems.

Home warranties are extremely popular and are considered to be as important as home insurance. They can both save the average home up to $1,500 in home repairs annually and provide the comfort of coverage for systems and appliance if any disasters happen.

Home Warranty in Massachusetts

Why Do You Need Home Warranty in Massachusetts

The homeowners in Massachusetts can be ensured that their home appliances and systems will be safe thanks to the home warranty. A home warranty is really needed in this state, it covers major appliances and systems in homes due to various reasons. Having this type of protection from a reputable home warranty company can save you money on costly repairs and replacements.

Home Warranty Companies in Massachusetts

1. American Home Shield

American Home Shield is one of the best home warranty companies across the country and with the highest rating. It will be a smart investment for homeowners because of the various plans, that AHS offers with decades of buyers’ experience.

American Home Shield offers three plans for customers in Massachusetts: ShieldSilver, ShieldGold, and ShieldPlatinum. 

The ShieldSilver will cover household systems, whereas the ShieldGold adds appliances to the ShieldSilver’s coverage. By boosting the coverage ceilings for all covered goods, the ShieldPlatinum plan enhances the coverage of the ShieldGold plan.


  • Caps on coverage are generous.
  • No maintenance records are required.


  • Only a 30-day warranty is offered on repairs.

2. Choice Home Warranty

Most home warranty companies have a 30 day waiting period before a new buyer will file a claim. Unlike other companies, Choice will allow the buyer to access their home warranty contracts much sooner if the new customer has already had continuous coverage with another company. 

If you choose Choice Home Warranty in Massachusetts for your coverage needs, you have the option of choosing between two coverage plans: Basic and Total. The Basic plan covers the majority of appliances and systems, but not such as the air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, and dryer. If your refrigerator, washer, or dryer is out of warranty, and you want to be sure of extra coverage, a Total plan is for you.


  • Repairs are guaranteed for 30 days 
  • Each claim is allocated to two or three customer support personnel


  • Customers are unable to select their own technicians.

3. Liberty Home Guard

Liberty Home Guard has one of the best ratings and is the “Most trusted” home warranty provider in 2021. Because of its low subscription rates, economical protection options, and excellent customer reviews, it is a worthwhile investment for homes.

Liberty Home Guard in Massachusetts offers three customizable coverage plans for clients who don’t want unexpected costs for repairs or replacements, which are Appliance Guard, Systems Guard, and the Total Home Guard.

The Appliance Guard plan will protect the most important nine appliances in your house.

The System Guard plan protects any major six systems. 

The Total Home Guard combines the previous two plans, so in total protection, it covers any 15 major systems and appliances.


  • Plans can be made to your needs and budget
  • Bonuses and discounts for new customers


  • You can’t choose a technician