Mold is a serious problem for any homeowner that leaves them wondering: Does home warranty cover mold?

Mold has been associated with numerous illnesses, including respiratory problems. Additionally, it can lead to skin irritation and eye infection as well.

What is mold?

It is a type of fungus that can have different colors. Usually, it helps in the decomposition of any waste products. However, it can grow in excess quantities in damp places such as your bathroom walls and other areas inside the house. For people with mold sensitivity, it can become a source of extreme sickness.

Untreated mold may lead to hospitalization. The main issue is that it is difficult to detect because it mostly occurs in areas that people access minimally. If you experience regular health issues, it is important to get your home’s internal structure checked as soon as possible. Never try to remove mold yourself because it can be dangerous. Always hire the services of a trained professional to help in cleaning mold.

Does homeowner warranty cover black mold?

Neither home insurance, not home warranties typically cover mold. The main reason is that mold occurs either due to undetected leaks in the house or designs issues. Additionally, it could go unnoticed for many months, which increases the cost of mol removal for the home warranty companies. 

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What is covered in home warranties?

Home warranties usually cover the essential appliances and systems in your home. As such, they provide elective coverage for issues that are not typically covered by your home insurance. The benefit of a home warranty is to cover your essential home systems at a reduced cost than what the homeowner would have to pay for each repair if they do not have a home warranty cover.

Usually, you can add premium addons to your home warranty package to cover more appliances and systems that are not covered by the general packages offered. For example, you may cover your second refrigerator or your spa. However, home warranty providers don’t cover issues like mold because they are classified as hazardous materials. Prefer calling a professional instead of waiting for any help from your home warranty provider if you experience mold in your home.

Types of mold

Many different types of molds may grow in your home:


Don’t wait for your home warranty provider to help with mold removal. Instead, hire a professional today and clean the mold before it starts to damage your health.

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