The Home Service Club vs. American Home Shield

If you have outdated appliances or systems, getting a home warranty may be a good option. Repairs or replacements for this equipment or systems might be costly if they break down. A home warranty might assist in covering the costs. That is why home warranty companies help homeowners all across the US to cover unnecessary expenses of repairing or replacing broken equipment. 

The Home Service Club and American Home Shield are two well-known American home warranty companies that you should pay attention to. They already gained the trust of millions of citizens all across the US with their affordable plans and selective add-ons. 

Below, two top home warranty companies provide a wide range of coverage options and have high coverage limits. These two companies also provide a wealth of information about their services on their websites and are flexible when it comes to selecting a contractor.

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American Home Shield is a top home warranty company trusted by millions of US citizens. nearly fifty years on the market made American Home Shield one of the most successful companies.

Another notable company to pay attention to for those who are looking for a home warranty. The Home Service Club, which was established in 2008, already gained the same popularity as American Home Shield. This is mostly because of its wide plans with a huge range of equipment that are generally considered add-ons. To add, The Home Service Club is also known to receive numerous home warranty service honors like “best in service” and “editors choice.”

CompanyAmerican Home ShieldThe Home Service Club
Which states are not coverednot available in Alaskanot available in Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin

The Home Service Club vs. American Home Shield Coverage

American Home Shield company offers three plans with a lot of services. Meanwhile, The Home Service Club company offers two plans with numerous services and selective add-ons as roof coverage, pool, spa, and more.

CompanyAmerican Home ShieldThe Home Service Club
Plans 3 Plans: Shield Platinum, Shield Gold, Shield Silver2 Plans: Standard Coverage, Comprehensive Coverage

American Home Shield Coverage and Plans

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In American Home Shield company you will be able to pick between three complete plans “Shield Platinum,” “Shield Gold,” and “Shield Silver. Below you may see what these plans do cover:

Shield Platinum:

The plan, which will cover almost all necessary equipment in your basement. Air conditioning, roof leaks, and plumbing are just a few among the 23 systems and appliances that Shield Platinum offers. Rekey services are also included, as well as one free pre-season HVAC tune-up and air filter reduction.                              

 What is more, it also offers a $6,000 coverage maximum for anyone covered in equipment and covers $1,000 in renovations, code-required changes, and permits.

Shield Gold:

Most requested home coverage plan. The Shield Gold plan also covers all 23 most-used systems and appliances. However, it has a limit for coverage up to $3,000 on any chosen appliances and doesn’t include an HVAC tune-up.

Shield Silver:

This home coverage plan will cover 14 necessary home systems, for example as heating, cooling, electricity, and so on. Unlike Shield Platinum and Shield Gold plans, Shield Silver doesn’t have a coverage limit on most of the HVAC units, and it has fewer exclusions on water heaters.

The Home Service Club Coverage and Plans

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These two complete plans offer you full coverage of necessary equipment in your house and lots of selective add-ons.

Standard Coverage:

This plan will cover 18 necessary equipment in your house, for example like heating, plumbing, water leaks, electrical systems, and so on.

Comprehensive Coverage:

This plan covers 33 essential home systems and appliances, including the same as in Standard Plan. Among covered equipment are gas leaks, sump pumps, pest control, and more.

The Home Service Club vs. American Home Shield Cost

Despite various plans and add-ons, American Home Shield and The Home Service Club have slightly different costs to offer,

While you can find American Home Shield plans cost between $40 to $58 per month,

The Home Service Club plans to cost higher, mainly between $44 and $60 per month.

CompanyAmerican Home ShieldThe Home Service Club
Cost per month$40 to $58$44 and $60

The Home Service Club vs. American Home Shield Reviews

The Home Service Club as well as American Home Shield has largely garnered excellent feedback. However, The Home Service Club is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. While the American Home Shield is accredited and has a B rating.

CompanyAmerican Home ShieldThe Home Service Club
BBB Accreditationyesno

Conclusion on the Home Service Club vs. American Home Shield Comparison

When you will look through the plans of each of the companies, you should choose the one that will fully meet your coverage requirements as both of them are quite different.

While looking at costs, American Home Shield has slightly lower prices to offer, rather than The Home Service Club. 

If paying attention to plans, it is obvious, that American Home Shield is a winner. On the other hand, The Home Service Club has more add-ons to choose from.

So, while determining your requirements, be utterly straightforward and choose the right home warranty company to meet your needs. 

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