Nevada has a population of roughly 3,000,000 people. The largest city in Nevada is Las Vegas whose population is approximately 633,000 people. Nevada consists of large cities and towns. The average population of Nevada’s towns is 600 to 1000 people. So if you are looking for small quiet places to live, then Nevada is one of the best options. 

Nevada is one of the driest places in the United States. Due to this, there is a considerable temperature fluctuation in this state. Moreover, the average summer temperature varies from 90 degrees to 47degrees. In contrast to this, in the winter season, this state’s maximum and minimum temperatures are 40 and 20 degrees respectively.

If you have chosen Nevada for your life or if you are already a Nevada resident, you probably care about the maintenance and condition of a home. Then you must get the facility of home warranty in Nevada!

Why You Should Have a Home Warranty in Nevada?

As was mentioned above, the temperature fluctuations in Nevada homes are very common. So, both the heating and cooling system are needed. According to last year survey, approximately 

65% of homes use the central air conditioner while 41% use the evaporating cooling system. Moreover, 61% of the Nevada population uses natural gas for heating their homes while only 3 % use electricity. 

All these systems have their service lifetime. And the maintenance work is needed so you won’t find yourself without a water heater in winter. Also, Nevada residents need to select the home warranty company very carefully, so it would include the protection of both the heating and the cooling system. 

Moreover, homeowners of Nevada use too many home appliances compared to other states for the cooling and heating of the homes. According to a survey, approximately 29 % also have two or more refrigerators. So, if you are a Nevada resident and using two or more refrigerators, then you need to pay attention to the home warranty plans that cover refrigerator breakages.

Efficient and advanced appliances are the priority of Nevada homeowners. A lot of people have energy-efficient refrigerators, cloth washers, dishwashers. Due to the installation of this energy-efficient system, Nevada homeowners are getting low-cost electricity bills. In addition, the other best way of reducing the cost of appliances and systems is purchasing home warranty plans. These plans include both regular repairing, monthly, and yearly repairing.

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Home Warranty Companies in Nevada

There are a lot of good home warranty companies in Nevada, however, these home warranty companies are our best picks.

Choice Home Warranty:

Choice Home Warranty offers one of the best home warranty plans in Nevada. In addition, they facilitate the customers with two home protection plans. The first one is the basic plan, and the other is the entire plan. Their services vary in those two different plans.

Basic Plan:

In the basic plans, you can cover the multiple systems and appliances: plumbing, water heater, electric system, and dishwasher.

Total Plan

In contrast to the basic plan, the total plan offers complete home coverage and protects important items like your home air conditioner, refrigerator, clothes washer, and cloth dryer. In addition to this, Choice Home Warranty offers additional offers, including the: pool, spa, well pump, roof, leak, septic system, refrigerator, and central vacuum. The cost of monthly and yearly plans ranges between $41.69 to $50.00 and $470.25 to $570.00, respectively

American Home Shield Home Warranty

Based on customer reviews, pricing process, coverage, American Home Shield Home Warranty also should be included in the list of the best home warranty services providers in Nevada. They offer their services by providing three home warranty plans to customers. Three plans are shield platinum, shield gold, and shield silver. The plan prices vary from each other with the facilities. For example, if we talk about the cost of AHS, then it is ranging between $48 to $50 per month.

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