What is a drum on a washing machine and how to balance it?

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Washing machines are an essential appliance found in most homes. However, due to the frequency of their use, the washer’s drum may sometimes lose balance. Additionally, many homeowners are constantly searching for how to balance a washing machine online. Here, this article will discuss the method of balancing the drum of the washer at home, considering:

  • What is the drum on a washing machine?
  • Unbalanced drums and internal controls
  • What causes the washing machine to go off balance?
  • Internal parts issue
What is a drum on a washing machine

What is the drum on a washing machine?

The inner drum of the washing machine can be seen on opening the machine door. Usually, the drum stands upright when you are loading clothes. Once the clothes are loaded, the drum rotates to clean the clothes. It is essential to determine the type of drum of the washer before making a purchase. These drums are available in different sizes and have various capacities. Usually, the drum capacity is measures based on the dry clothes it can wash during each complete cycle. You must fit in a lesser amount of clothes to allow the machine to work smoothly.

Unbalanced drums and internal controls

Your machine usually shakes extensively if the drum is not balanced, which causes irregular drum movements. First, you can check both the internal and external parts to locate the source of any irregularity. Do not put a lot of clothes in the drum.

Similarly, understanding the source of the noise is essential to determine the underlying problem. Otherwise, regular unbalanced shaking can cause permanent damage and may require the complete replacement of the washing machine. In other cases, the moving parts may sustain irreparable damage.

What causes the washing machine to go off balance?

Failing to remove the shipping material may affect the spin cycle of the washing machine. In most cases, it can clog the machine entirely, causing damage to the internal parts.

Similarly, overloading the machine may fill you the breathing space. The cleaning process is not efficient, and the machine needs to exert more power to work properly. In such cases, you may need to check if the water is spinning fully inside the machine.

Moreover, your floor leveling must be even. An unlevelled floor is a primary cause of the machine losing its balance. In some cases, you can adjust the knobs on the base and the external frame of the machine to adjust is complete.

Removing shipping bolts is essential as well. These bolts are not required for the machine to work correctly. Instead, they only help in keeping the machine safe during the shipping. They can damage the balance of the machine, causing it to make loud noise while spinning. The drum of the washer may sustain permanent damage if the issue is not corrected.

Internal parts issue

Sometimes, your drum may have an issue with its internal parts like the screws, bolts, belts, and bearings. In most cases, the damage may occur due to use, wear and tear, and depletion. A malfunctioning part inside your machine can be a prime reason for the drum imbalance. Changing these parts is essential to protect the other parts and ensure the machine’s safety in the long term.

The machine may become violent if it is spinning at a very fast pace. Make sure you check all the components before starting a cycle. The fast-spinning can damage the clothes and, in extreme cases, may lead to a fire.


Adjusting the balance of the washer’s drum is important to keep your clothes safe, increase the longevity of the washer and reduce its noise. Check for the issues mentioned in this article if you hear any excessive noise from your washer.

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