Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Nina Smith

Nina Smith

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Home Maintenance Checklist

Summer is already here, we are going to have a lot of backyard BBQs, sunbaths, and other fun activities for the summer season. However, summer becomes not only fun if your home is not prepared for it.

Summer is the time when home maintenance can spin out of control. The last thing you want to have this summer is to ruin it with unexpected breakage. So, if you don’t have a home maintenance checklist, now’s the time to create one and start checking things off.

You probably remember about cleaning your patio furniture and making your garden look good. But how about the other important things? Here is the list of important things to do before the heat begins.

Summer Home Maintenance Checklist:

  • Checking for Water Leaks
    Besides heat, summer season can also bring storms and flooding. You should check your basement for signs of water leaks. You also should clear out grates and drains near your house so that water is directed away from the foundation.
  • Conducting a Home Energy Audit
    home energy audit can show you whether and where your home is drafty or maybe whether you need more insulation and where to install it. You can have it professionally done, or you do it yourself. Anyway, it’s worth it – and your local utility company may even offer an incentive for homeowners to have this done.
  • Getting Your A/C Tuned Up
    A/C tune-up is one of the most important things on your summer checklist. You’d better call in a professional for this task. This is important because the technician should be able to tell whether your air conditionerwill need repairs soon. With regular tune-ups, you can avoid unexpected air conditioner breakdowns. If your home warranty doesn’t cover your air conditioner system, check out an American Home Shield® home service plan today.

Prepare your home for the summer season, so you can enjoy summer to the fullest! For more information on what else you can do for your home this summer, visit American Home Shield home warranty for more handy tips.

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