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Your home appliances are prone to breakdowns and failures. There will come numerous instances throughout their useful lives where an appliance may require repairs to work properly. However, affording the appliance repairs individually can be a huge cost to the homeowners. On the other hand, home appliance warranty services offered by home warranty providers provide an effective option to cover the costs of appliance repairs. Home warranties for appliances are of different types and may involve different terms. In this article, we will consider whether buying a home appliance cover is a worthy purchase.

What does an appliance guarantee appliance do?

All your appliances have sophisticated systems that may get damaged due to constant use or wear and tear. As such, the appliances may require repairs or replacements frequently. The costs of these repairs can be immense. Additionally, you would have the added difficulty of finding the right technician with the necessary experience to handle the repairs. On the other hand, opting for a home warranty offering appliance covers solves these issues. For a steady monthly payment, you get hassle-free repair services at lower costs than paying for each repair individually. The appliance warranty plan covers the repairmen of malfunctioning appliances. 

The usual costs of the plan may range between 200 to 700 USD, paid either monthly or annually. Also, every time you make a service call, a small call fee will be charged. This fee can be anywhere between 50 to 125 USD.

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Benefits of home warranty for appliances

There are many benefits of a home warranty for appliances. First, the warranty providers have an extensive network of contractors, technicians, and experts in most areas who have the necessary experience to handle most repairing tasks professionally. This way, you do not have to take the added burden of finding the right technician. Instead, you get quality services arranged by the home appliance warranty provider. Just file a claim, and the technician will be at your doorstep to handle the situation.

Additionally, you get the facility of 24/7 customer support. If you need any help, call the home appliance warranty provider. Their team will guide you through the process of getting the best repair services for your appliances.

Moreover, the appliance warranty policies offer different options. You can transfer, refund, or cancel your policy easily. In some instances, you may opt for flexible appliance warranty programs as well.

Best home warranty for appliance providers

Currently, the following home warranty providers guarantee appliance covers:

There are certain problems associated with getting a home warranty for appliances:

Getting a warranty may also mean excessive payments with no benefit if you do not face an appliance breakdown. In such cases, the premium is a non-refundable expense with no benefit.


Home warranties can help reduce the stress of appliance repairs if your appliances break down frequently or you own a considerable number of appliances. Consider your context before purchasing a home appliance warranty.

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