Before selecting a home warranty, most homeowners prefer considering the merits and the offerings to save money in the long term. One such consideration is whether the warranty covers the plumbing system of the home. Similarly, if a plumbing warranty is available, the question stands whether such warranty covers all parts of the plumbing system or leaves out a few components.

home warranty on plumbing

Do home warranties cover plumbing?

Home insurance and home warranties are different offerings. Home insurance covers only issues related to a natural disaster. However, home warranties cover issues that occur due to the daily use of your home. As such, plumbing warranties are usually part of most home warranties. However, the plans offered by different home warranty providers have varying degrees of coverage for the plumbing systems. It is important to understand the plumbing system to get an idea of what the home warranty covers.

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How does the plumbing system work?

In most modern plumbing systems, there are two important parts. First, there is a water supply line. Secondly, it includes a drain-waste-ventilation line. The former brings clean water to your home and is connected both to the hot water lines and cold lines. In many cases, copper pipes are used for this purpose. The system prevents pressure buildup inside the house, keeping your house safe.

On the other hand, the drain-waste-ventilation line sends the waste from your home to the main sewerage line. As such, this line is usually larger than your water supply line and requires PVC-durable plastic material for durability and longevity.

Common Issues that occur in plumbing systems

Like most other house systems, your plumbing system is prone to problems as well. Your home warranty can cover most of these issues, reducing the costs you have to bear for maintenance. The water line is pressurized. Any buildup of excess pressure may cause an issue with water coming out of the tap. Similarly, excessive moisture inside the water line can lead to mold development which seriously damages hygiene.

Likewise, your drain-waste-ventilation line may have occasional leaks in the joints between plastic pipes. The cheap PVC material may require complete replacement over time due to excess wear and tear.

Plumbing warranties

Most homeowners have insurance covers that do not secure your plumbing system. However, with a  proper home warranty, it is possible to correct most issues of your plumbing systems, including the leakages and ruptures in the pipelines. Similarly, you can get old faucets and faulty switches replaced as well. The most important factor is the cost saved. If you change each of these components yourself, it will cost you hundreds of dollars. However, with a plumbing warranty, most of these costs are covered by the warranty provider.

Other benefits of having a home warranty

Your home warranty covers both your plumbing system and many other systems as well. For example, most standard home warranty providers offer packages covering your air conditioning system and heating system. You may cove your appliances as well. These things may require huge repair and replacement costs if you do not have a home warranty covering these expenses. In the long term, it can save significant sums for homeowners.


Plumbing systems may require frequent repairs and replacements as with any other home system. Having a home warranty covering these expenses can lower the long-term maintenance costs for homeowners. Additionally, the same warranties can cover most other expenses such as electrical system repairments and appliance repairments. Consider getting a home warranty today to secure your house.

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