Cinch Home Services Review: Cost, Coverage, and Plans

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Getting your major home appliances and systems covered by a home warranty can help reduce repair and replacements costs that arise from time to time. One such home warranty provider is Cinch Home Services. Currently, Cinch Home Warranty customer service is well-known for the level of customer satisfaction it provides. Read this article to get a detailed cinch home warranty review, including:

  • Details of Cinch Home Services
  • Benefits and Drawbacks of Opting Cinch Home Services
  • Coverage Plans Offered by Cinch Home Warranty
  • Cinch Home Services Reviews
  • Exclusions In Plans
  • Repair Times of Cinch Home Warranty
  • Cinch Home Warranty Claim

Details of Cinch Home Services

Cinch Home Services has been in the home warranty business for over 40 years, making it one of the most extensive and well-known names in the home warranty industry. Currently, there are three separate plans offered by Cinch Home Services to cover different aspects of your home. Cinch Home Services Reviews show that it is a popular choice amongst most homeowners due to its willingness to cover pre-existing damage and conditions, including corrosion and rust. Overall, it provides a 180-day service guarantee, one of the strongest in the home warranty industry.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Opting Cinch Home Services

Cinch Home Services offers considerable benefits to its customer, including extensive discounts recently purchased by the homeowner. Similarly, the website allows the customer to generate an easy quote and cover pre-existing conditions as well. A 180-day artistry guarantee is offered that increases the utility received by the homeowners from the service. However, it does not offer as many add-ons as its competitors. Similarly, Cinch Home Warranty customer services come at a heavy service call fee of 150 USD. Furthermore, the residents of Hawaii and Alaska can still not benefit from the services of Cinch Home Services.

Coverage Plans Offered by Cinch Home Warranty

Cinch Home Warranty offers three plans covering different aspects of your home. The Appliances Plan covers all the major appliances in your home, while the Built-In Systems plan does the same for your Home Systems. Customers who which to cover both can opt for the Complete Home plan offered by Cinch Home Warranty Services. All plans offer coverage for pre-existing conditions, including any corrosion and rust.

The Service Call Fee is between 100 and 150 USD per call. The Appliances plan costs between 34.99 to 44.99 per month, while the built-in systems plan costs almost 7 USD more per month than the Appliances plan. The Complete Home plan offers the best value covering all appliances for a maximum of 61.99 USD per month.

Cinch Home Services Reviews

Cinch Home Services has received excellent reviews from its customers over the years, cementing its A- BBB rating. Most customers are impressed by the quick settlement of claims and the extensive range of services offered by the firm. In most cases, the repair quality and response of the company are applauded by the customers. However, some customers have reported a weak contractor network, with the repairment having no idea how to perform their jobs effectively. Similarly, the lack of 24/7 availability is an added criticism of its customers’ offering.

Exclusions in Plans

Some appliances are not included in the coverage plans offered by Cinch Home Services. Usually, the coverage lowers as the years pass since the homeowners have taken the plans. For example, you have to pay for septic tank coverage.

Also, there is a  payment cap of 1500 USD for all major systems. For the appliances, up to 2000 USD are covered for each appliance. The maximum amount of claim for any coverage term is 10000 USD.

Repair Times of Cinch Home Warranty

Cinch Home warranty tries to solve most requests within 24 hours on business days and during normal business hours. However, it may take time for a technician to reach your location if the request has been made outside normal business hours. Its turnaround time, on average, is better than most of its industrial competitors.

Most companies require between 24 to 48 hours to solve most of the claims. Additionally, you are not allowed to use your contractor in the meantime. Such personal contractor hiring is only allowed if Cinch Home Service expressly permits it. Also, it would help if you took advice from the customer service representative of Cinch Home Warranty services before hiring your contractor.

Cinch Home Warranty Claim

You can file a claim online on Cinch Home Warranty’s website or use Cinch Home Warranty’s claim number 844-324-5688. Once the claim is filed, please wait for the response from their team within 24 hours on a working day.


Cinch Home Services offers some of the best home warranty services in the market. Contact their representatives today and opt for the best plan according to your needs.

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