Although it is preferable to have a home warranty to cover your home maintenance expenses, there may occur situations where you may want to cancel your current home warranty. Sometimes, the home warranty provider may not suit your needs anymore. In other cases, you may want to shift to a better option. However, knowing the exact method of canceling your home warranty is important to avoid technical or legal issues.

Here, the article will detail how to cancel your Choice, First American, and American Home Shield’s home warranty.

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How to Cancel the Choice Home Warranty

Choice Home Warranty

To cancel the Choice Home Warranty, you need to contact their representative and talk to them about the termination of the policy. The customer service agent will mention the standard method to pursue the cancellation. However, each case is different. Thus, ask the representative about your particular case and whether you will refund the premium. Also, make sure you consult the representative about the cancellation fees. Similarly, you would be required to send a written notice to the warranty provider to cancel the contract. Although the request may be placed by phone, having the paperwork allows better proof of any future problems.

Then, you need to mention the date on the notice when you are requesting a cancellation. If any prorated refund is allowed, you must add the representative’s name, who will process the refund. Finally, sign the document at the end.

Once you are done preparing the notice, submit it using registered post or courier services to the warranty company. Keep the receipt of the registered post with the details.

Finally, wait until the warranty company sends you a check for the refund. The refund may have deducted the amount of the cancellation fee.

How to Cancel American Home Shield Warranty?

american home shield

You need to access the original contract and read the specific termination requirements. Once you have evaluated the contract, you need to check if you qualify for a cancellation fee waiver. If you have lost your original contract, request American Home Shield to provide you with an alternative contract.

Write your cancellation letter mentioning all details to be sent to the company. You will need to give a minimum notice of 1 month before the cancellation. Thus, plan your cancellation out in advance. Once you have worked on the cancellation letter, post it formally using a registered mail service. Your credit card handling firm must be contacted to terminate the payments to American Home Shield. Finally, please wait for the check with the refund amount and check out any extra charges they have deducted for cancellation.

How to Cancel the First American Warranty?


You can cancel your First American Home Warranty by calling their official helpline or leaving an email at their official email address. It is better to send them a written letter via post to have a written proof available. Make sure that your decision is based on your own experience with the company.

Should I Cancel My Home Warranty?

Home warranties can help reduce the maintenance and repair costs related to your home structure, systems, and appliances. In many cases, they may be a legal requirement as well. However, if the warranty no longer fulfills your need, you may consider canceling the service.


Follow the methods mentioned in this article to cancel your home warranty by most major home warranty providers in America. In case you need further assistance, call your home warranty provider’s helpline. Let us know if the article helped you with the cancellation process.

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