According to the statistics, an average home in New York State uses 15% more energy compared to the homes in the other states. Home heating systems consume approximately 56% of the energy. Moreover, roughly 26% of the energy is used in home appliances, electronics, and lightning. 

Due to these reasons, every small and large home needs home warranty services for the protection and security of the house. Moreover, you can select the home warranty plan according to your financial condition. 

A Home Warranty may be similar to insurance but is not the same entirely. Home Warranty means that when any of your electrical appliances stop working or gives trouble, you can contact the warranty company. The company contacts the brand or service personnel who fix any issues with your appliances. The service person contacts the house owner fixes up an appointment and makes a visit to fix the problem or replace the item if it is within the warranty period.

Why You Should Have a Home Warranty in New York?

Home warranties protect homeowners from breakdowns of home appliances and other systems.

Most of the New York home property is rather old. Approximately 32 % of the houses were built in the early 40s. The maintenance, protection, and home warranty are necessary for enhancing the homes’ life span. Thunderstorms and harsh winds are running in the different states of America, and it also happens in New York. So, in that case, if you didn’t maintain your home and didn’t protect your home systems and appliances, you can face serious damages, including the roofing.

Are you aware of the lifespan of different home appliances and systems? A home appliance that is covered by a home warranty can last for a decade. Remember and consider the age of your home appliance and systems and check all items and home necessities accordingly.

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Home Warranty Companies in New York

The home warranty companies and services in New York are covering the following things including plumbing system, plumbing storage, water heater, clothes washer, clothes dryer, garage door opener, dishwasher, cooktop, ceiling, and exhaust fans. They are offering both immediate and total plans. Moreover, besides the facilities mentioned above, they also provide additional coverage or facilities, including a spa, central vacuum, well pump, stand-alone freezer, septic system, tank pumping, and roof leak.

American Home Shield

Because of its broad coverage, flexible service prices, and years of experience, American Home Shield is the best overall home warranty provider in New York.

ShieldSilver, ShieldGold, and ShieldPlatinum are the three coverage options offered by American Home Shield. ShieldSilver protects plumbing and air conditioning systems. ShieldPlatinum and ShieldGold, on the other hand, protect both systems and appliances. The ShieldPlatinum also comes with additional coverage and features, making it the most comprehensive option available.



Liberty Home Guard

Liberty Home Guard has one of the best ratings and is the “Most trusted” home warranty provider in 2021. Because of its low subscription rates, economical protection options, and excellent customer reviews, it is a worthwhile investment for homes.

Liberty Home Guard in New York offers three customizable coverage plans for clients who don’t want unexpected costs for repairs or replacements, which are Appliance Guard, Systems Guard, and the Total Home Guard.

  1. The Appliance Guard plan will protect the most important nine appliances in your house.
  2. The System Guard plan protects any major six systems. 
  3. The Total Home Guard combines the previous two plans, so in total protection, it covers any 15 major systems and appliances.



Choice Home Warranty

Most home warranty companies have a 30 day waiting period before a new buyer will file a claim. Unlike other companies, Choice will allow the buyer to access their home warranty contracts much sooner if the new customer has already had continuous coverage with another company. 

If you choose Choice Home Warranty in New York for your coverage needs, you have the option of choosing between two coverage plans: Basic and Total. The Basic plan covers the majority of appliances and systems, but not such as the air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, and dryer. If your refrigerator, washer, or dryer is out of warranty, and you want to be sure of extra coverage, a Total plan is for you.



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