Liberty Home Guard vs. Choice Home Warranty

Indeed a house warranty can act as a cushion for a homeowner who doesn’t have an emergency fund or wishes to save money for something else. A house guarantee, like all warranties, is designed to protect you from costly, unexpected repair expenditures and provide you peace of mind. People who aren’t handy or don’t want to bother about finding a contractor when they have a problem may consider buying a home warranty. Warranties are also a good idea for consumers who have high expectations for their equipment.

If you are looking for the trusted companies with high ratings, then consider paying attention to Liberty Home Guard and Choice Home Warranty companies.

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In addition, most of their policies include a basic component that ensures that all homeowners who purchase a policy are covered. Also, at an additional expense, homeowners can purchase one or more optional components that give additional coverage.

CompanyLiberty Home GuardChoice Home Warranty
Not Available in Washington, California, Wyoming, Wisconsin, IllinoisWashington, California, Oklahoma

Liberty Home Guard vs. Choice Home Warranty Coverage

Both of the companies have plans with coverage for all necessary house systems and equipment. 

While Choice Home Warranty offers two plans: a Basic Plan and a Total Plan, Liberty Home Guard has three types of plans to offer: one for appliances, one for systems, and one that covers both of them.

Also, keep an eye out for add-ons. Some elements of your equipment or systems may be uncovered by both of these companies. Air conditioner filters, for example, are usually not covered by such warranty protection plans. Poorly maintained systems or appliances, breakdowns or failures caused by natural disasters, theft, or other crimes are also not covered.

CompanyLiberty Home GuardChoice Home Warranty
Plans3 Plans:
Appliance Guard, Systems Guard, Total Home Guard
2 Plans:
Basic and Total

Liberty Home Guard Coverage and Plans

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Liberty Home Guard offers add-ons with comprehensive coverage and up to 28 extra coverage options. In addition, the organization offers quick assistance within 24 hours of submitting a claim. Moreover, Liberty Home Guard’s three plans cover a wide range of systems and equipment, including air conditioning, heating, plumbing, electrical, washers, dryers, and refrigerators.

Appliance Guard:

Covers laundry washers, dryers, refrigerators, built-in microwaves, dishwashers, garbage disposals, and exhaust fans, among other home appliances.

Systems Guard:

Includes A/C, heating, ductwork, plumbing, electricity, and water heaters.

Total Home Guard:

All systems and appliances from the previous two options are included, for a total of 15 items.

Choice Home Warranty Coverage and Plans

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Customers appreciate this company’s optional coverage, which includes limited roof leaks, septic tank pumping, septic system, pool/spa, and other services. Contracts are also renewed, and objects are covered regardless of their age. They also offer clear, transparent contracts as well as exceptional customer service. 

With their two popular plans, Choice Home Warranty covers all mostly-used equipment and systems.

Basic Plan:

Ductwork, heating, electricity, plumbing, dishwashers, ovens, cooktops, and built-in microwaves are among the 14 systems and appliances covered.

Total Plan:

All of the necessary goods in the Basic Plan are covered, as well as laundry washers, dryers, freezers, and air conditioning.

Liberty Home Guard vs. Choice Home warranty cost

The average cost of Choice Home Warranty is roughly $25–$60 each month, with a service fee of $75-$125, and it can be considerably lower with discounts for their customers.

While, based on sample quotations on their website, Liberty Home Guard’s pricing normally varies from $40–$60 per month.

CompanyLiberty Home GuardChoice Home Warranty
Cost per month$40–$60$25–$60+service fee

Liberty Home Guard vs. Choice Home warranty reviews

Liberty Home Guard is a good investment for homeowners because of its inexpensive service costs, affordable protection plans, favorable customer ratings, and A-rating from the Better Business Bureau. The company’s speedy repairs and competent customer support crew are frequently mentioned in positive evaluations.

While Choice Home Warranty has a B-rating, making it an obvious choice for homeowners because of its reasonable plan options and such low service fees.

CompanyLiberty Home GuardChoice Home Warranty
BBB accreditationyesyes


If you are searching for an inexpensive home warranty that will include basic house equipment, then consider looking at Choice Home Warranty. However, if you need most of your systems to be covered, Liberty Home Guard will be a perfect choice. 

Liberty Home Guard may be a fantastic option if you’re looking for a home warranty provider with positive reviews, rapid claims processing, and a variety of plan options.

Whereas, Choice Home Warranty is for anyone who owns an older home. It is one of the country’s largest home warranty companies. Its ideas are straightforward, and its rates are reasonable.

This means you should think about what type of coverage you want, how much you want to spend each month, the technician network, customer support availability, and the terms and conditions when picking a home warranty provider.

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