Getting the accurate costing for your home products is important to make the correct decision. Additionally, the cost determination can also help in using suitable product combinations for your home. One such product is the furnace gas valve. Many homeowners require information about the replacement costs of the gas valve for the furnace online.

gas valve furnace

Here, this article will discuss how much the gas valve furnace costs in 2021, including:

The average cost to replace the gas valve for the furnace

Most furnaces cost between 300 to 700 USD. It is installed with all the required parts initially, and the setup may include extra costs for the HAV professional’s services. However, you can get the gas valve replaced as well. The gas valve costs anywhere between 90 USD to 250 USD, depending on the quality and the manufacturer you select. You may save on the additional labor costs involved in the installing process by installing it yourself. However, only involve the system yourself if you have the technical experience. Otherwise, you may end up damaging the system. I prefer using the services of American Home Shield. They offer a 50 dollar discount on all the new signups on their home warranty packages. The packages include the labor costs for the gas valve replacement.

Is it better to repair the gas valve for the furnace or replace it?

Maintenance is required to keep your gas valve furnace in top working conditions. It is important to maintain the vent connections that are the starting point of the heating system. Due to use and wear and tear, they can get damaged over time. Secondly, the heat exchanger may suffer from water leakage. It requires regular inspection to change the part as soon as an issue occurs.

Monitoring the temperature is also important. The control system used to regulate the temperature settings must be up to date to work properly. Thus, to replace or repair the furnace, all these costs have to be considered in detail:

A better option can be selecting a home warranty service for your regular repairs. The home warranty company covers most of the costs if you need a repair or a replacement for a gas valve for the furnace.

Cost of repair if the warranty is available

Most manufacturers provide warranties that cover everything related to furnace repair. On the other hand, some warranties may not offer labor costs cover for replacement. Generally, these offers vary between manufacturers.

On the other hand, most home warranties cover both part and labor costs involved in the repair. The only things homeowners need to pay are the annual premiums and the call fees. Getting a home warranty ensures that you can find trained technicians to help with the repair. The network of most home warranty providers is extensive and can provide the best services in any location.


Consider getting a home warranty for your gas valve furnace repairs today and save big sums on the replacements/ repair costs. Let us know if the article was helpful in the comments.

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