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A gas furnace ignitor is used to ignite the furnace. It utilizes electric current and filaments to ignite. The type of system used varies with the age of the gas furnace, but today people usually use electric ignition with a hot surface system. The electric current passes through the wires and creates sufficient heat to generate sparks to ignite the main burner of the furnace. A silicon carbide starter can be used for 3 to 5 years. Gas igniters are therefore not foolproof and must be replaced after extensive use.  

Your furnace works hard in winter to keep you warm. Like all other machines, it may malfunction, and you may need to repair the furnace from time to time. Certain furnace igniters have a short life and need to be replaced regularly. It is because the components of the ignitor are affected by extreme heat. The ignitor becomes very hot, and then it is repeatedly cooled to heat the furnace to the desired temperature. But if your furnace ignitor fails to work, then you need to replace it.

How much does it cost to replace a furnace?

Replacement of an igniter for the furnace is not the most expensive thing on your list. But it is one of the most common problems. Money can be exchanged for parts, labor, or both, to make your furnace work again. 

The ignitor is a small but powerful device. The cost to replace an ignitor is affordable enough that many homeowners replace it themselves at a convenient time. The average cost of a furnace igniter replacement is around $200.

The average HVAC service fee is approximately $70 per hour. The bottom line is: whether it is used for natural gas, or propane furnaces, replacing the ignitor (including parts and labor) will cost $350-400 for the contractor to install it.

Cost details:

Here are a few simple factors determining how much it will cost to replace your furnace ignitor.

Normal vs. Emergency repair

It is the most critical cost factor. Suppose you call the technician at night or on the weekend, their salary maybe two to three times higher than regular working hours. The best time to call your technician for ignitor replacement is in the business days.

Ignitor type

Most are universal; however, if an OEM component is used, the fee is probably higher.

Ignitor Kit

Usually, only a short wire and plug are used to replace the furnace ignitor, which has a lower cost. However, replacing the entire assembly, including longer cables and mounting brackets, will increase parts and labor costs.

Ignitor and Furnace Access

After removing the furnace panel, it is usually easy to access the ignitor; however, some furnace brands require a minor disassembly, which increases the labor cost of maintenance. And furnaces that are difficult to access (such as attics or confined spaces) cost more to repair.

Repair vs. Replacement of a Furnace Ignitor

Repairing a gas furnace can be expensive, whether it is a gas system or a propane system. Repair costs for blower motors or heat exchangers may exceed $1,000. When an ignitor breaks, it is broken. In case your furnace ignitor is not working, you can repair it. But if its parts break then you need to replace it as soon as possible. The cost of replacing an ignitor varies from state to state and even from province to province.

Cost if You Have a Home Warranty

The home warranty helps to minimize the cost of replacing furnace ignitors and further saves you on the wear and tear of common appliances and systems in your home. If you choose the home warranty before the furnace fails, you will pay the annual premium of the home warranty, which may be between US$400 and US$600, depending on your insurance coverage.

It is more convenient and cheaper to purchase a home warranty that covers all your home appliances. So, if your furnace ignitor brokes, you will pay less money with a home warranty company than if you call a technician by yourself.

The home warranty helps to minimize the cost of replacing furnace ignitors and further saves you on the wear and tear of common appliances and systems in your home.

Here is a list of home warranty companies that are able to cover furnace replacements as part of their services:

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DIY or Hire Technician from Home Warranty Company:

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of DIY and hiring an HVAC company to handle the project for you.

DIY Replacement

An ignitor might be something you can do as a DIY project on a weekend afternoon. It is a small and manageable part, but it requires some skills and expertise to replace it. It would be best if you do your research before trying it yourself. You can find it on YouTube or can do a google search for it.

Professional Replacement

For warranty protection, replacing the ignitor with a professional handle may be your best choice. Many home Warranty services such as Liberty Home Guard, for example, provide licenzed and skilled technicians to repair the home appliences under home warranty service.

How long does a furnace last?

The typical furnace life is about 15 to 20 years. It does not mean that the 15 years old model should be scrapped tomorrow, but it gives you an idea of ​​how much maintenance is needed behind the furnace and whether replacing it is a better choice or refurbishing it in the future.

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