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Air Conditioner compressor replacement indeed can be a costly affair. You don’t want to pay more than you should for this repair, but you also need to make sure that your home is protected with the best AC compressor parts.

There are many factors that affect the air conditioner compressor replacement cost, and getting it done at a low price requires some research on your part.

This article will give you tips on how to save money when replacing your air conditioning system’s compressor while still ensuring that your home is protected from the heat during these hot summer months.

Factors affecting AC compressor for home cost

One of the biggest factors in how much you pay for an AC compressor replacement is the age of your unit. Newer units are more efficient and longer-lasting than AC compressors made before the year 2000.

Some of the other factors that could affect AC compressor replacement costs are:

If you’re looking to replace your AC compressor, then taking a look at the AC compressor cost is a very good idea.

Getting a new AC compressor for your home is not cheap, so it’s best to make each AC compressor serve you a little bit longer. Older AC compressors also require more AC refrigerant for cooling, resulting in the higher air conditioner compressor cost annually.

Overview of the costs

For instance, a home AC compressor replacement costs can be as high as $600 to $1800 with a professional company supplying the part and labor. 

A do-it-yourselfer could purchase a used unit (around $300) and install it on their own, but it is important to make sure the old unit was running before you tear it out and that the old unit is not still under warranty. 

There are two types of AC compressors for home replacement costs 

Repair or Part Repairment:

For AC repair or small parts replacement, $400 is the cost. 

Tip: You can also get a used AC compressor and replace its part with your old AC compressor; it will cost you around $100-200.

AC Compressors replacement cost (Whole replacement):

The AC compressor replacement cost for the Whole AC compressor is $800 to $1800. 

The whole AC compressor home system includes the installation process, AC diagnosis, replacement cost. 

Other Costs:

There could be other costs while replacements like AC leak detection and cost to fix capacitor.

The most significant cost is the HVAC technician’s charges which can be between $75 to $130 per installation or per hour depending on AC size, other AC parts, and your AC Compressor model.

Also, you can save labor costs if you are a DIY person.

Compressor Cost by Brand

Average Compressor Repair Cost for Different Parts

As you see ac replacement costs a lot of money. So probably to secure yourself you’d better purchase a trustful home warranty company, that covers air conditioner main issues.

Here is the list of home warranty companies that can help you to fix your air conditioner problems, such as ac compressor replacement:

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Q. What are the Symptoms of Bad AC Compressor?

There are some symptoms that you should be on the lookout for in order to know when your air conditioning system needs a new compressor. These include:

Q. What to do if I have to replace the AC compressor?

When your AC compressor has failed, you need to act fast. If you see the symptoms mentioned above, then it’s time to have your air conditioner inspected by a professional.

If only one of the symptoms is present, you may be able to just replace the filter or remove any blockages of debris in the vents.

Q. Which AC Compressor do I need for my Air Conditioner?

You should choose your AC compressor based on the brand of your air conditioner and also its age, size, and tonnage.

Q. Can I replace AC Compressor by myself?

Yes, you can replace AC Compressor by yourself. You may also have to replace the starter, capacitor, and contactor. Just make sure you know what you are doing before trying an ac compressor home repair. However, we recommend using the service of home warranty companies as they have a large base of skilled technicians.

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