North Carolina is one of the largest states, having a population of approximately 10.1 million. The landscape of North Carolina varies. In the west of North Carolina, there are a lot of hilly areas. Mostly the weather of northern California is chilled, snowy, so most people are using the air conditioners in their homes for quick and efficient heating and comfort from harsh winter weather. 

Homeowners, buyers, and sellers need the home warranty in North Carolina to protect and secure homes. The home warranty will be responsible for your home appliance and system protection. 

Why You Should Have a Home Warranty in North Carolina?

With the home warranty services in North Carolina, you can save the most significant portion of the money that you invest in repairing the home system and appliance. Moreover, the home warranty services vary from place to place where the people live. It means you need to select the home warranty in North Carolina according to your requirements. 

Most of the home warranty services providers offer two home warranty plans. One is essential, and the other is comprehensive. 

What Does the North Carolina Home Warranty Cover?

The basic and total plans cover most of the systems and appliances of the home. Still, the people who live in some specific areas need additional coverage. So the facilities which are included in the additional coverage are pool/spa, central vacuum, second refrigerator, well pump, roof leak, stand-alone freezer sump pump, septic system, septic tank pumping.

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Home Warranty Companies in North Carolina

Total Home Protection

It’s one of the few businesses that would cover a second refrigerator as well as limited roof leaking coverage. Veterans and other homeowners receive discounts from Total.

Total Home Protection in North Carolina offers two plans, which are Gold and Platinum. 

It is also possible to buy optional coverages for other non-included systems.

The Gold Plan covers more than 15 systems and appliances, for example, electrical systems, heaters, microwaves, fridges, garbage disposal, whirlpool tub, and so on.

The Platinum Plan covers more than 20 systems and appliances, which include a fridge, washing machines, heaters, plumbing systems, and so on. 



ServicePlus Home Warranty

ServicePlus is a new one in the warranty market industry in North Carolina. This company has two plans, both of which provide buyers with the most used systems’ coverage. 

The two plans are Gold and Platinum. 

The Gold plan is the most popular one, since it covers the 15 main house appliances and systems, while the Platinum plan is the most comprehensive one since it covers a total of 20 various systems and appliances.



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