Whirlpool Appliance Warranty

Having a warranty is a safe side whenever you are purchasing an appliance. In case of a breakdown, you can get your appliance repaired for no or minimal additional costs. However, most people may be skeptical about whether they need a warranty or not. Here, we will consider Whirlpool Warranty in detail. Additionally, the article will discuss the pros and cons of a whirlpool appliance warranty. The following topics will be covered in detail:

What do Whirlpool Warranties Do?

Whirlpool is a reputed manufacturer of home appliances in America. It offers everything from dishwashers to clothes dryers. An official Whirlpool Warranty allows manufacturer’s coverage for a period of up to 3 years. You may need to apply for an extended warranty whirlpool option if your original warranty expires and you haven’t opted for a home warranty.

Specifics of Whirlpool Warranty

There are many differences between a standard Whirlpool warranty and other warranty options. Whirlpool warranty covers all the expenses from replacement parts to labor costs in your appliance that has broken down during normal usage. Similarly, there are no deductibles involved. The coverage gap is up to 75 % for the first five years, falling to 45 % between 6-10. The appliance age is a significant determinant of the coverage cap for Whirlpool warranties. The contractual obligation falls on AIG WarrantyGuard Inc to provide the required services. It is important to note that the warranty coverage does not extend to preventative maintenance such as cleanings and adjustments.

Furthermore, only up to 10 appliances are covered in the standard Whirlpool appliance warranty. Similarly, the coverage is higher for expensive appliances compared to the cheaper ones. The coverage period depends on the appliance’s age with a maximum age limit as well.

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Benefits of Whirlpool Warranty

There are numerous benefits of opting for Whirlpool warranty service, including:

Drawbacks of Whirlpool Warranty Services

There are significant drawbacks of opting for Whirlpool appliance warranty services, including:

Which Companies Offer a Whirlpool Appliance Warranty?

Currently, three leading companies are offering different extended warranty whirlpool options. 

Choice Whirlpool Appliance Warranty

The first is Choice Home Warranty that offers two different plans. The average costs of the plans are between 45-55 USD monthly. The warranty receives a B rating on the BBB rating scale. The first plan, Total Plan, covers all your appliances present in your laundry room and kitchen. Thus, it offers a whirlpool dishwasher warranty and a whirlpool refrigerator warranty as well. The firm has a good reputation and provides great coverage. Currently, extensive coverage is provided for your appliances with a 3000 USD per appliance yearly limit. As such, regular repairs and maintenance costs can be easily managed by this warranty. 

Choice offers excellent customer service throughout the day. Additionally, the response time is as low as 48 hours for the service personnel to reach your location. Currently, the firm offers a 50 USD discount along with one extra free month if you sign up today.

American Home Shield Whirlpool Appliance Warranty

American Home Shield offers three different plans to cover your Whirlpool appliances. The average monthly costs of these plans are between 35 – 65 USD per year. This whirlpool warranty provider also has a B rating. You get comprehensive coverage for all major Whirlpool appliances under their Shield Gold plan. Additionally, it covers 23 major house systems as well. Additionally, the homeowner can choose the service call fee of their liking between 75 USD to 125 USD. A higher service call fee would reduce your monthly premium.

You may opt for the Shield Platinum Plan, costing 15 USD more than the Gold Plan. However, this plan offers double the coverage as well. You can get a 50 USD discount if you sign up for American Home Shield whirlpool warranty plans today.


Cover your Whirlpool appliance with either the Whirlpool warranty or home warranty to reduce the costs involved with repairs and maintenance. Let us know in the comments section if the article was helpful.

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