american home shield review

The home warranty market is highly saturated, with multiple providers offering their services in a range of different options and states. Among these providers, American Home Shield warranty has created a name for itself for its excellent customer service and coverage in multiple states throughout the country. American home shield warranty reviews suggest that customers are satisfied by the firm’s quick response and high standards of customer care. Here, this article will provide an American Shield Home warranty review, including

Industrial Experience and Background

AHS warranty has been in the market longer than most competitors, with its professional existence spanning over five decades. In these five decades, the company has expanded into one of the household names in the home warranty market. Currently, AHS home warranty offers excellent customer service and provides comprehensive coverage for the systems and appliances of the homeowner. AHS plans can easily be considered one of the highest-rated offerings in the industry. Home Shield Insurance offers extensive plans and is available throughout the country. With five years of experience and a B rating from the BBB rating scale, it has effectively handled most home warranty situations that arise during its dealings. Additionally, for many homeowners, it is the go-to company for all home warranty needs.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Selecting AHS Warranty

AHS home warranty offers generous coverage caps. Thus, any repair or replacement costs are usually completely met by the home warranty with little to no contribution payable by the homeowner. This way, the homeowner’s investment in-home warranty saves them more money than spent on home warranty premiums. Secondly, the homeowner is spared the technical requirement of a maintenance record. Instead, Home Shield Insurance is highly flexible, allowing homeowners to get coverage without such a record. Their team visits the house and inspects the appliances and systems to report their current condition. Similarly, varying options in each plan are offered to the customers based on their desired service call fee. Customers can choose between 75 USD, 100 USD, and 125 USD as their service call fee.

However, there are still some drawbacks to this excellent home warranty service. First, repairs are only guaranteed for a minimal 30-day period. On the other hand, some American Home Shield Warranty competitors offer a repair guarantee of over 90 days. Similarly, the services of the firm are not fully available in Alaska currently. Another major issue is the number of complaints lodged against the firm. Over 14,000 complaints have been lodged against American Home Shield in the past three years, tarnishing its image as a customer-oriented home warranty provider. These excessive complaints also depict the reason for a low B rating on the BBB rating scale.

Plans Offered by AHS Home Warranty

There are three plans offered by AHS warranty to cover your home: ShieldPlatinum, ShieldGold, and ShieldSilver. The first plan offers comprehensive coverage, covering all the items included in the other two plans. ShieldGold is a basic combo plan covering most appliances. The ShieldSilver plan focuses on covering most of the important systems in your home.

Additionally, the homeowner has the option of adding addons to the plans as well. Each plan offers you the option to add five additional items. These items are the septic pump, water pump, extended warranty for the electronics, pool, spa, and guest unit.

Most plans are between 40 to 58 USD per month. However, the monthly premium falls if the homeowner chooses are higher service call fee. The best way to get an exact quote is by filling out their online form. In most cases, you will receive a free quote from the team of AHS. The service fee has to be paid every time the customer requires service. This fee is paid directly to the contractor sent by American Home Shield to check your appliance or system. The higher the service fee you choose, the lower the monthly premium that you have to pay.

American Home Shield Reviews

Generally, most customers have shared positive reviews regarding the firms. Some people applaud the fast service they have received from American Home Shield. Similarly, the excellent coverage provided by the firm is applauded by many customers. However, many homeowners have also pointed out a repeated lag in the service quality of the firm. In some cases, claims had taken months before the repair or replacement was completed. The mixed reviews have resulted in a B rating by the Better Business Bureau for American Home Shield.