How Much Does It Cost to Replace an Air Condenser Fan Motor?

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The condenser fan motor may require replacement in case of severe damage or breakdown. Indeed, it’s the most common component of your AC unit to fail. The aircon fan motor can be costly to replace, making it essential to take steps to increase its working life. Fan motor for ac unit can also be repaired if the damage is minimal instead of complete replacement to reduce costs. Here, the article will cover details about the replacement of a fan motor for an air conditioner.

What is a Condenser Fan Motor?

The motor that powers your AC’s outdoor unit’ fans is called the condenser fan motor. Without the motor cooling the hot gas, it would not return to its cool state. As such, the fan motor is extremely important to the HVAC system in your home. The HVAC can get overheated without a properly functioning motor, stopping cold air from blowing into your rooms. The services of a reputed home warranty provider can be used to cover the ac fan motor replacement cost. One such option is to get the home appliance warranty offered by American Home Shield covering your HVAC systems.

Difference between Condenser Fan Motor and Blower Motor

A blower motor is present in the indoor unit of your air conditioner. It is the fan motor for ac unit’s the inside handler. On the other hand, the condenser fan motor is for the outside unit. It focuses on getting cool air to the condenser to cool down the gas inside.

What happens in the case of condenser motor breakage?

If your condenser motor breaks down, your AC can no longer blow cold air. The system will still throw air because the blower motor is fine. However, the air wouldn’t be cool.

How to know that your fan motor for the air conditioner needs replacement?

Certain signs suggest that your ac fan motor requires urgent replacement. If your energy bills start to increase without changing your electricity usage, you may have to replace the motor. Similarly, the air conditioner may no longer be able to provide cool air. Another indicator is slower fan movement making strange noises in the outdoor unit. Sometimes the fan may not start or stop properly.

How to Troubleshoot Condenser Fan Motor?

Before paying the ac fan motor cost for replacement, consider checking a few things to ensure you need a replacement. Check if your thermostat is properly set. Incorrect thermostat settings may cause problems with your AC’s other components. Also, the thermostat should be set at cool and must be 10 degrees colder than the current temperature of your home. If the fan starts to spin properly, the issue has been resolved.

Sometimes, your air conditioner filters may be very dirty, trapping a lot of dust and debris. This blockage may reduce the space available for air to flow properly. Changing the filters may correct the problem. Also, take a good look at the circuit board to check if a breaker is tripped. You may need to check the outside fan as well for any strange noises. If the fan is not working properly, turn off the ac and remove it. Never repair the fan while the ac is on, as it can cause severe injuries.

Similarly, your condenser unit may be full of debris. Try cleaning it properly or get it cleaned professionally to clear the path for airflow. Sometimes, this cleaning can correct the issue with your condenser fan motor. Also, check if the capacitor is working correctly. If the capacitor cannot start the fan, then it is the capacitor that has the problem, not the fan itself. In extreme cases, refrigeration leaks may be the real reason for warm air instead of a condenser fan motor failure.

AC Fan Motor Replacement Costs

All fans motors, irrespective of their brand and quality, are prone to wear and tear. Thus, you may need to replace it at some point. The cost could be divided into different parts that may need replacement. The fan motor can cost anywhere between 300 and 600 USD. Similarly, changing the capacitor can cost between 220 to 250 USD, while smaller replacements cost between 10 to 100 USD. The compressor is expensive and may cost between 800 to 2800 USD, with an additional 1200 USD for the labor costs. If you need to replace the complete air conditioner, it can cost anywhere between 3500 to 10000 USD.

Remember, only change your compressor fan motor when you need to. Otherwise, try repair options.


An ac without a compressor motor fan is like a train without an engine. In case you experience issues with your ac, troubleshoot to diagnose the exact reason for the problems. Then, decide according to whether or not to replace your condenser fan motor.

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