AC Coil Replacement

The evaporator coil is the central component of an air conditioner. This system uses a blower to flow cool air through your home or business. However, an ac coil can fail after many years of use and cause costly damage if you don’t replace it in time.

An ac coil replacement costs more than just the price tag on the part itself. We will discuss all factors that affect its total cost below, so you know what to expect when replacing an ac coil, yourself, or hiring someone else to do it for you.

Factors That Affect Evaporator Coil Replacement Cost

Here are some things that may affect how much does an ac coil replacement cost:

The evaporator coil’s initial cost generally ranges from $65 to $125 for residential homes and up to $1000 for industrial business premises. However, the evaporator coil replacement cost rises depending on the above factors.

How Evaporator Coil Works

The AC evaporator coil is designed to control the distribution of air in the building by transferring heat from a liquid to a gas. The condenser coil is responsible for removing the latent heat of the refrigerant gas, which then causes a refrigerant vapor and liquid to form. Heat will be transferred to the cold air outdoors through this process. The heat is then transferred back indoors when it moves into the evaporator coil, which cools the refrigerant vapor back down into a liquid in order for it to cool again.

When You Will Need AC Coil Replacement

AC coils are made of aluminum and copper, which tend to corrode over time. The coil is also exposed to dust, lint, and dirt that can lead to coil failure. If you notice your coil dripping or not cooling properly, then coil replacement might be necessary. 

Moreover, you may need a new coil for HVAC when you notice:

What Can Cause Coil Failure?

Many other factors can lead to coil failure like:

Maintaining your HVAC system ensures it is getting the most out of energy and working to its fullest potential. HVAC coil inspections should be performed every year in order to prevent coil corrosion, coil failure as well as other issues.

The coil for the HVAC system is an essential part of the coil for air conditioning because it is what manages heat and air distribution. In order to keep your coil in proper running, coil replacement is a necessity if it stops working properly. It will help maintain HVAC efficiency and also keep your coil running smoothly.

Cost to Replace Evaporator Coil:

Repairing an AC coil varies mainly on material used, coil size, and labor. It may range from $200-$2,000 for coil replacement, depending upon all the factors mentioned above. 

AC coil replacement is recommended with all the factors that affect coil performance. The average cost of coil replacement is approximately $700.

Cost To Replace Condenser Coil:

The condenser coil is another coil for HVAC and air conditioning that is made up of copper tubing. The cost of coil replacement depends on a few factors, such as the coil size, coil material, and how big your HVAC system is. The average cost of coil replacement for the condenser coil can range from $300 to $1,700.

Other Costs Relating to Replacing AC Coil replacement:

There are other costs that factor into coil replacement like installation costs, refrigerant charges, and other miscellaneous factors. These things will increase the coil replacement cost.

HVAC technicians will charge approximately $75-$125 for coil replacement.

Generally, coil replacement for AC coil is a straightforward procedure, and if you are DIY savvy, then doing coil replacement yourself will be less expensive than paying for coil replacement services.

Final Thoughts!

We hope this article has helped you learn more about an evaporator coil and how it works. 

What we’ve discussed today can help you to know when a replacement may be necessary, as well as the cost of replacing your AC coils which range from $200-$2,000. This can be a high cost even for a splendid budget.

The more convenient and cheap way to replace the evaporator coil in your AC is to use the home warranty services. A lot of home warranty companies cover air conditioner replacement and repair costs in time.

Here is the list of home warranty companies that can help you to fix your air conditioner:

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