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Home appliances are expensive and replacing them can be a serious financial burden. Consequently, homeowners generally remain stressed about protecting their home appliances from any damage. Your refrigerator, cloth washers, and built-in microwaves are just a few examples of appliances whose repair and replacement costs are very high. However, homeowners can avoid these costs through home warranties. Here, a list of 10 home appliances covered by the home warranty is considered:

1. Refrigerators

A refrigerator is an expensive appliance that can be costly to replace. The three most common reasons for refrigerator damage are dirty condenser coils, a locked compressor, and fan motor failure. In each case, repair costs can reach as high as $ 400 per repair. Owners can save money on refrigerator repairs by purchasing a home warranty, which covers these costs.

2. Cloth Washers

Cloth washers are costly, but people buy them to ease their laundry cleaning. Without a home warranty, each cloth washer repair can cost you $200. These repairs may arise due to the drain pump or door seal failure. Sometimes, extra detergent can clog inside, which requires internal cleaning, costing $100 per clean.

3. Cloth Dryers

Purchasing a cloth dryer is a costly decision, as the price ranges between $200 and $1,750. A home warranty covers common clothe dryer repair costs, relaxing the owners of this stress to afford frequent repairs and possible replacements.

4. Dishwashers

A dishwasher can be an excellent addition to your kitchen appliances. However, this useful appliance comes at a heavy price tag. Any damage to the dishwasher can be expensive to repair. Sometimes, repairs may not be enough, and the appliance must be changed. In both cases, a home warranty can cover the costs. The home warranty covers both minor repairs like faulty door seals and major repairs like drain pump replacement.

5. Built in-Microwaves

Built-in microwaves add to the elegance and productiveness of your kitchen. However, these microwaves are prone to heating problems. The built-in structure prevents the heat from escaping, which causes Magnetron failure. This component is irreparable, which means that homeowners are constantly stressed about keeping it safe. The home warranty takes that stress away by covering the cost of Magnetron replacement. It also covers other costs like capacitor repairs, transformer replacement, and diodes replacement costs.

6. Trash compactors

Trash compactors are an excellent addition to your kitchen appliances due to their hydraulic metal ram feature. This ram crushes refuge that is thrown into the compactor to form a dense small package. Although it eases waste disposal, yet the ram is prone to damage. It may require more frequent repairs than most appliances. Consequently, some homeowners avoid using their trash compactors often. However, they can solve this issue by purchasing a home warranty covering the costs of trash compactor repairs.

7. Freestanding Ice Makers

Freestanding Ice Makers are a common appliance in homes located in areas with hot temperatures. This appliance is frequently used in summers, which can result in wear and tear. Other common issues may include leakage and cooling problems. In such cases, homeowners may not be able to use their appliances comfortably. Also, the repairs may require the replacement of appliance components, which increases the cost of repairs. A home warranty reduces this problem by covering the cost of most repairs related to freestanding ice makers.

8. Garage door openers

Garage door openers add the fancy, video-game style look to your house. They also increase the usability of garages by automating the opening and closing procedures. However, the regular use of these openers inevitably damages the motors. Also, the opener mechanism can be damaged if hit by a car or any other object. Homeowners may also have to pay the prices of spare parts if the damage is excessive. Thus, the owner can escape paying the price of such expensive one-off repairs for a small monthly payment.

9. Built-in Food Centers

Built-in food centers face mechanical and electrical breakdowns frequently during their use. The cost of such repairs is high if paid individually by the homeowner. Also, component replacement is required if the appliance malfunctions. All such costs are covered by a home warranty, keeping owners stress-free.

10. Cooktops Range

The cooktop range includes multiple components that can break down during the normal course of use. These appliances are frequently used, causing regular wear and tear. Replacing each broken appliance can be a heavy financial burden on the owner. Thus, the owner can purchase a home warranty that covers all these costs. This way, these appliances can be used freely without the stress of repair costs in the homeowner’s mind.


Using home appliances inevitably leads to malfunctions, wear, tear, and breakdowns, requiring frequent repairs and replacements. The homeowners can relieve themselves from the stress of these costs by purchasing a home warranty. Pay a small monthly price and let your home warranty provider cover all such costs for you.

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