sewer line collapse

The sewer lines carry the untreated waste away from your homes and commercial areas to the treatment plants and disposal centers. However, there are many reasons why sewer lines repair may be needed. A proper inspection of the sewer line every few months can help to determine the exact time of a required repair. Such diagnosis can be performed by a trained plumber or sewer expert. Here, we will discuss the reasons for a sewer line collapse and how to clean sewer lines in detail, including:

What Causes Sewer Line Collapse?

Multiple issues can cause a sewer line collapse. Some of the major reasons behind sewer line issues are as follows:

How to Clean Sewer Lines

First, it is important to diagnose the real cause of the trouble. If your sewer line collapses, hire a plumber to diagnose the exact cause of the issue. Determining the exact cause will help to decide the correct way of dealing with the issue. After the issue has been determined, the following options can be considered for the repair:

After the cause of the issue has been determined, the following permanent solutions can be used:

Cost of Sewer Line Replacement

Sewer line replacement costs are subjective and depend on several factors. First, the size of your home and the condition of the sewer line are important determinants. If the sewer line is badly damaged, a complete replacement may be required, which costs higher than casual repairs. Similarly, the type of sewer line repairs is also important. A trenchless sewer line repair has minimal costs compared to a traditional repair. The main reason is that the trenchless repair does not involve any large-scale excavation activity or removal of giant molds from the earth. On the other hand, the traditional repair requires extensive trenching and may also require replacing other related components of the sewer line.

Additionally, the cause of the sewer line damage also determines the cost of its replacement. Clogged pipes can be cleaned at a much lower cost than tree roots removal. Similarly, the deterioration and age of the pipes have to be considered. Very old pipes may require complete replacement, which could drive up the costs to a few thousand dollars. Repairing and replacing such pipes is necessary to avoid any serious damage.


Sever line collapse may occur due to several reasons. Correcting the issue as soon as possible ensures that your home’s base and other areas remain safe. Let us know in the comments section if our article helped you.

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