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Wiring, exhaust fans, ceiling fans, switches, and circuit breakers are important parts of your home’s electrical system. However, replacing or repairing each of them regularly can be very costly for the homeowner. As such, most homeowners opt for home warranties to cover the maintenance costs of these electrical components. Still, many homeowners are unaware of the exact electrical issues covered by their home warranty. Here, we will discuss the main electrical issues that are covered by home warranties in detail, including:

  • Things Covered by Extended Home Warranty Related to Electrical Issues
  • Some Extended Warranty Options For Electrical Systems
  • Electrical systems in your home that Home Warranty covers
  • Should I Get Home Warranty For Electrical Issues?

Here are a few main issues that are related to your electrical systems, which are covered by the extended electrical warranty:

  • A dead battery or issues with the battery are common in your home environment. For example, if you own a car, it is common for the battery to get damaged due to regular wear and tear. In such a case, you require immediate car battery replacement, or the car may stop during the drive. Extended warranty companies can cover this replacement for a limited period.
  • Another major issue with your car’s engine is with the alternator. The alternator is important to start your car. With a damaged alternator, the battery power can not be directed properly to the mother components of your car system.
  • Solenoid Issues and Blown Electrical fuses are other issues as well. They can hinder the car’s performance of stop it from turning on completely. It can also lead to the car stopping mid-drive.
  • Spart Plug issues arise when the spark plug is blown off due to regular use. In such cases, hire a company that can provide speedy roadside assistance. Otherwise, you are likely to spend a long-time waiting for some car to pass by and help you.
  • Some cars have a navigation system issue. In simple words, its GPS is not working properly, so you don’t know where you are at any given point. Such navigation issues can create a lot of problems on long journeys. Extended electrical warranties can cover these issues as well.

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Some Extended Warranty Options For Electrical Systems

You may choose the Protect My Car electrical warranty. This system provides the best coverage and gives you the chance to cover most components. At the same time, you receive the best value for the money you pay on the premium. 

Secondly, you may use the Endurance Warranty option. This warranty covers more aspects than the basic coverage. Additionally, you receive direct contract provider access as well. Finally, a Car shield warranty is also available, but it does not provide a direct contract. Instead, the firm resells American Auto Shield warranties.

Electrical Systems in Your Home that Home Warranty Covers

Many electrical issues related to your home are covered by the home warranty as well. If you face any issue with the switches, electrical wiring, doorbells, outlets, and panels, call your home warranty company and pay the service call fee. They will send down an electrician to check and assist with the issue. Hiring a home warranty company ensures that your ceiling fans and exhaust fans are checked immediately through a large and well-maintained network of contractors.

However, certain electrical issues may not be covered by your home warranty plan:

  • If you have not properly maintained your electrical system, the home warranty company is less likely to provide any assistance in its repairs and replacement. The hone warranty offers do not accommodate casual and routine wear and tear. Similarly, any accident that could have been avoided by has been caused by your negligence will also not be covered.
  • Act of God or nature is not included in home warranties. If you wish to cover natural disasters affecting your home and its core systems, you may consider getting home insurance instead. However, home insurance rarely provides cover for electrical systems in your home.
  • The home warranty cover does not maintain systems that break down before you get the coverage. Similarly, known problems with the system that exists before the coverage is taken are rarely accommodated by the home warranty company. Instead, a complete inspection is performed at the start to determine the current condition of the home’s electrical system. The quote and contractual terms are decided based on this inspection.

Should I Get Home Warranty For Electrical Issues?

Extended home warranty covering electrical issues can reduce the costs for the homeowners for the repairs and replacements. It also helps to maintain the house regularly and avoid any serious damage. You only have to pay the service call fee and a premium that covers many other systems and appliances.


Get your home warranty today to cover the expenses of the repair and replacement of your electrical system. Let us know your experience in the comments section.

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