Top10US Best Home Warranty Companies

Thousands of homeowners and tenants have a home warranty in Arizona. The relief that a home warranty provides in the case of replacement or repair is unwavering in its benefits.

The Benefits of a Home Warranty in Arizona

You love your house, but the thought of major home repairs without home warranty coverage makes you shudder. After all, big-ticket items like furnaces and water heaters don’t come cheap, and any one of them could break down at any time, leaving you with steep repair costs to cover out of pocket. Plus, if something isn’t done right the first time around, you could be stuck with ongoing problems that could easily have been avoided with the right warranty coverage in place.

Home Warranty Protection

There’s no doubt that homeownership is one of life’s biggest investments. In addition to regular maintenance, repairs will likely be needed from time to time. Having a home warranty policy in Arizona place can help protect your investment from unexpected repairs that may cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

Home Repair

The average homeowner spends $500 each year on home repairs. Even if you’re not exactly sure what needs to be fixed, it’s still smart to budget for home repairs. That’s where having a home warranty can help; it covers certain repairs up to $10,000 or more—even if your contract doesn’t specifically mention them. When you have a home warranty, you can breathe easy knowing that your biggest problems are covered with high-quality service at no additional cost.

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Home Warranty in Arizona

Why Do You Need Home Warranty in Arizona

A home warranty will save your money by paying for the repair or replacement of home equipment and appliances that might break down due to age or normal wear and tear. A home warranty may cover the HVAC, electricity, kitchen appliances, plumbing, and washer or dryer.

So when any of the systems in your house breaks down, a professional and qualified service technician is dispatched to inspect the situation. If the problem is caused by misuse, age, or another circumstance covered by your service contract, the technician will help you with having this system being repaired but at a much lower cost(cost of the service visit).

And if you are still deciding, whether you need it or not, then the answer is definitely yes.

Home Warranty Companies in Arizona

1. Liberty Home Guard Home Warranty

Because of its inexpensive service prices, affordable security plans, great customer ratings Liberty Home Guard can be named the most dependable.

You can pick from three coverage plans, that Liberty Home Guard offers: System Guard, Appliance Guard, and Total Home Guard. 

Appliance Guard will have nine of your house appliances covered, for example, fridge or dishwasher.

System Guard will cover the six most essential home systems like heating and plumbing.

Total Home Guard will combine coverage of the previous two plans and you will have a total of 15 covered systems and appliances.


– Repairs are covered by a 60-day craftsmanship guarantee.

– 24/7 customer service


– You are unable to select your service technician.

– Has only two years of experience in the field.

2.Choice Home Warranty

Choice Home Warranty is undoubtedly one of the best home warranty companies on the US market. Since its founding in 2008, Choice has undoubtedly done business with millions of homes as the country’s second-largest home warranty provider. 

Choice Home Warranty offers its clients two different plans, that will cover a wide range of home systems and appliances. 

  1. Basic Plan: Covers most systems and appliances, with the exception of the air conditioner, refrigerator, washing, and dryer;
  2. Total Plan: Covers all the major systems in the house;


  • Repairs are guaranteed for 30 days.
  • It is possible to begin coverage sooner than 30 days.


  • Customers are unable to select their technicians.

3. American Home Shield Home Warranty

Because of its broad coverage, flexible service prices, and years of experience, American Home Shield is the best overall home warranty provider.

ShieldSilver, ShieldGold, and ShieldPlatinum are the three coverage options offered by American Home Shield. ShieldSilver protects plumbing and air conditioning systems. ShieldPlatinum and ShieldGold, on the other hand, protect both systems and appliances. The ShieldPlatinum also comes with additional coverage and features, making it the most comprehensive option available.


– Customers can pick between a $75, $100, or $125 service fee.

– Covers appliances that have been duplicated.


– Only a 30-day warranty is offered on repairs.