Home Warranty for Your Swimming Pool. Is It Worth It?

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Your swimming pool is the star of your house. However, swimming pools may face failures and breakdowns that can be costly to repair in many instances. As such, many people prefer getting a pool warranty. The home warranty pool coverage can help with the maintenance issues that are hindering your pool usage. Additionally, it can reduce the sudden burden of a massive expense that would otherwise be required to maintain the pool. Here, the article will consider the benefits and drawbacks of home warranty swimming pool coverage.

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How Does a Home Warranty Work?

As the name suggests, a home warranty covers multiple appliances and systems in your home in case of breakdowns and failures. The home warranty provider arranges the repairman and covers most of the service costs. The homeowner needs to submit the claim. One such claim that can be submitted is for your swimming pool maintenance. 

Best Swimming Pool Warranty Options

Currently, numerous firms offer swimming pool coverage in their home warranty plans. The best ones amongst these are listed below:

  • Choice Home Warranty covers your pool warranty in two plans: the Silver Combo Plan costing 517 USD and the Platinum Combo Plan costing 609 USD. It has a 500 USD limit per year per pool. The best aspect is that it involved the least exclusions and is very affordable compared to most substitutes. However, it only covers a maximum of 15 home appliances.

Choice Home Warranty

Don’t Get Knocked Out by Home Repairs

  • American Home Shield’s plans, called the Silver Systems Plan and Platinum Combo Plan, cover above-ground pool repair. They charge 420 USD and 720 USD, respectively. Additionally, it provides coverage of over 21 systems and has a higher payout limit. However, it is the most costly option for a pool warranty.

American Home Sheild


Cinch Home Warranty

Cinch Home Services – more than just a home warranty company

Repair Cost Outside Warranties

If you do not have a home warranty pool coverage, you may have to pay significant sums in case certain components of your swimming pool break down. For example, a simple Vinyl liner can cost more than 200 USD. In case the heater and tube are damaged, you may face an expense of approximately 1200 USD. The maintenance costs may increase further if multiple components are damaged at the same time.

However, with a home warranty covering pool maintenance, you may have to pay none of these costs. Additionally, the service provider also selects the repairman. As they bear the repair costs, they would generally prefer someone who can provide excellent work to reduce repeat maintenance expenses.

Total Pool Ownership Costs

If you do not cover your pool maintenance with a pool warranty, your total pool ownership costs will include the costs of regular maintenance expenses as well. As such, pool owners may have to pay varying amounts for any breakdown depending on the environmental factors involved.

For example, vinyl pools are the least costly to purchase. However, their long-term maintenance costs might make them a costlier option. They last a maximum of 9 years, after which complete replacement expense can be expected. 

On the other hand, concrete pools are the most expensive to maintain. They can cost more than 10,000 USD to maintain for ten years. Additionally, they require acid washing every couple of years that may cost the pool owner up to 500 USD.

How Pool Warranty Reduces Ownership Costs?

With minimum monthly payments, you can drastically reduce the expenses you have to pay from your pocket for all the maintenance factors described above. In case of breakages, call the home warranty provider and submit a claim. Let them do the rest.

Benefits of Pool Warranty

There are numerous benefits of a pool warranty:

  • The company handling the maintenance of your pool is highly experienced regarding different pool-related issues. They can diagnose the exact problem and provide the correct services in no time.
  • Most pool components and systems are covered, including electrical maintenance, blower motor and timer, pump motor, and plumbing pipes.
  • Most companies offer extensive coverage.
  • People with fiberglass and concrete pools can save significant sums.
  • Common repairs are performed regularly without more expenses.


Getting a pool warranty service can reduce the stress of regularly paying out money for pool maintenance. It can also help correct most pool-related issues at minimum cost to the homeowner. Consider getting a pool warranty today.

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