Having a garage is an essential addition for any homeowner who owns a vehicle. However, if the garage door stops half the way or the garage door won’t close, the benefit of having a garage minimalizes. Your vehicle remains unsafe, and any intruder can potentially get access to your home as well. Thus, it is important to close the garage door completely. In case your garage door doesn’t close all the way, consider the methods mentioned in this article as a remedy, including: 

Garage Door Sensors May Have an Issue

There are safety lasers mounted near the floor of the garage door openers. Before asking “why my garage door won’t close,” try checking if the sensors’ lasers are clean. These lasers may send false signals if dirty, causing your garage door to stop and not close completely. Use a soft close to the wife the lasers and remove any dirt. If your garage door closes fully after cleaning the lasers, then the issue with your sensors has been fixed. On the other hand, if the sensors continue to blink, there may be a blockage in their path to connect. To close the garage door fully, adjust the sensors so that they align properly with each other.

Tracks and Rollers

If your garage door stops despite cleaning the sensors and adjusting them, there may be an issue with your tracks and rollers. The garage door won’t close if there is any obstruction in the path of your garage door’s tracks and rollers. First, check the tracks and rollers for any damage. Try bending them back to their original position if any damage is noticed. Similarly, try using silicone-based grease to ease the movement of the garage tracks and rollers. Otherwise, the garage door stops when the rollers get stuck believing that the door is hitting a person, pet, or object.

Inspect the Trolley

The trolley connects the opener to the garage door. There is a rope that connects the door with the chain-driven opener. However, if the trolley is in bypass mode, the garage door may stop without closing fully. Try activating the garage door opening when the trolley is back in its original position. This way, the mechanism works perfectly to close the door until it is fully closed.

Remote Used to Close Garage Door

If pressing the garage door remote does not close the garage door; the remote is likely to have an issue. First, check the batteries of the remove. If dead, replace the batteries with new ones. Similarly, a power surge in the remote may have removed the programmed memory of the remote. Consequently, your garage door won’t close all the way, as the remote isn’t programmed to do so anymore. In such a case, you need to reprogram the remote. Use the “learn” button on the remote and let it complete the process of reprogramming. Once reprogrammed, it will stop flashing. Then, try using the remote to close the garage door again.

Limit Screws Retraction Issues

Garage door issues concerning retraction are often linked to the limit screws. Adjusting these screws will ensure that the garage door can close completely. First, open your garage door’s rear flap. Then, adjust the screws labeled “up” and “down” with a flat screwdriver to ensure that your garage door closes completely. Try bouncing the door back and checking if it closes before finalizing the adjustments made.

Consult Your Garage Door Manual

Usually, modern garage doors come with an operative manual. This manual contains useful information regarding the issues that may occur with your garage door. If the garage door doesn’t close, try counting the number of times your door’s light blinks when trying to close it. Use the troubleshooting guide to check how to solve the problem related to those number of blinks. In some cases, you may find comprehensive solutions online as well. Try checking the solution online using your manufacturer information, model number, and trouble code number.

Manual Closure

In case the garage door isn’t fixed after all these measures, you need to hire a professional technician to get the job done for you. In the meantime, tug down the garage door using a bypass rope. Also, disengage the trolley and close the door manually. Make sure you lock the door if you have closed it manually.


Automatic garage doors add to the convenience of your home. However, due to issues with its components, the garage door may not close fully. Try the methods mentioned in this article. If they help, let us know in the comments about your experience.