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Wondering what could cause a refrigerator to stop getting cold? Is your fridge not working? Facing cooling problems with your fridge? Don’t worry! Many homeowners face the same problems at one point or another with their refrigerators. The fridge not cooling is a seriously frustrating situation because all the food items inside can rot and become useless. However, some common problems usually cause issues with the fridge and can be solved easily. Here, the article will consider these problems in detail, including:

The Fridge Is Running but Not Cooling

One situation that may cause trouble is where your fridge is running fine but not cooling the food. This situation is problematic because most people find out about the issue after their food items go stale. However, many common issues may lead to this problem. First, check the thermostat to ensure that it is correctly adjusted to the right temperature. In some cases, the thermostat may not be working properly. If the vents are being blocked by something, it could lead to overheating of the refrigerator. In some cases, the coils are clogged with excess debris. Consider checking the condenser fan as well.

If your thermostat has an issue, you can replace it with a new one. Similarly, if the fridge is not working due to vent blockage, clean the vents or move your fridge to an open location. Likewise, the condenser fan can be replaced or repaired as well.

Excessive Noise from Fridge

In some cases, refrigerators may make excessive noise. This noise can be disturbing. Additionally, the underlying cause of the noise must be treated immediately, or it could cause permanent damage to the appliance. Usually, the noise occurs if your condenser fan is being blocked by something. Similarly, problems with the circulation fan or evaporator fan can cause excess noise as well.

The best way is to call a professional to take a look at your appliance. If any home warranty covers your appliance, make sure you utilize their services earliest before your appliance sustains any major damage.

Water Leakage

In some cases, the refrigerator may have water leaking from it. The water leakage can damage other appliances close to the fridge. In most cases, water leakage occurs if the fridge is not leveled properly. Similarly, the drain hose must be cleaned, and the water supply line must not be frozen. Other cases include a damaged supply line or clogged shut-off valve.

In case of a defective supply line, call a professional immediately for help. You can simply turn off the fridge, level it, and clean it for most other issues. Once the debris is removed, your fridge’s cooling system will start to work properly again.

Excessive Ice Buildup on the Fridge

Another major issue is where your fridge has excess ice buildup. Try checking your door pivots to see if they are still firmly in place. Similarly, a defective door seal may cause the problem as well. In such cases, unplug the fridge and let the ice melt completely. Then, replace your door seal and pivots if necessary before re-plugging the fridge.

The Fridge Is Freezing Food

Sometimes, the fridge starts to freeze food due to a faulty thermostat or close enough food to the coil. Try checking the control panel or the thermostat for any defects. Otherwise, call your home warranty provider to diagnose and correct the issue for you.


Your fridge may not be working due to a smaller complication than you think. Try checking the fridge thoroughly for the issues mentioned above.

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