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A home warranty is a great way to protect your investment in your home. Home warranties not only protect you if a major item breaks down due to regular wear and use, but they also save you hundreds of dollars on repairs or replacements, which is especially important if you don’t have a home repair emergency fund.

Also, it is important to mention that such systems and equipment as air conditioning, heating, electrical, plumbing, ducting, refrigerators, water heater, and more are among the most popular things covered by a house warranty. Pools and septic tanks can also be covered, but they are normally available as optional add-ons because they are not found in every property.

Also, consider the age and condition of your house’s appliances and systems to see if you need a home warranty. 

Total Protect and Priority Home Warranty

For a better understanding, take a look at the following two companies Total Protect Home Warranty and Priority Home Warranty.

Total Protect Home Warranty has been in the home warranty business for 40 years. Moreover, Total Protect is one of the most well-known home warranty businesses on the market, with 24/7 support, countrywide coverage, and a commitment to predictable, honest coverage. While Priority Home Warranty is another great choice for homeowners. It offers three reasonable plans, as well as a lower-than-average service call cost, real-time claims tracking, and the ability to choose your contractor.

Company Total Protect Priority Home Warranty
States coveredAll states except AlaskaAlaska, Idaho, Michigan, New Jersey, South Dakota, Colorado, Indiana, Mississippi, North Dakota, Tennessee, Connecticut, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, West Virginia, Delaware, Maine, Montana, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Maryland, Nebraska, Rhode, Island

Total Protect Home warranty vs Priority Home Warranty Coverage

Because each firm offers three different plans, Priority Home Warranty and Total Protect Home are the greatest options for homeowners.

Total Protect Home Warranty Plans and Costs

Total Protect Home Warranty offers three plans with potential add-ons: an appliance plan, a systems plan, and a combo plan.

  • Appliances Plan: This plan costs $34.95 with a $100 service fee and includes the most important systems and equipment as refrigerators, microwaves, washers, and so on.
  • The Systems Plan: It is offered for $44.95 per month plus a $100 service fee. It covers 17 systems, which is more than typical for a systems-only plan.
  • The Combo Plan: This plan is $58.95 a month plus a $100 service fee. This is Total Protect’s most comprehensive coverage plan, covering all systems and appliances not covered by the other two plans.

Priority Home Warranty Plans and Costs

Priority Home Warranty

Priority Home Warranty

A Home Warranty Company that Prioritizes You. 5-star rated Service with plans starting at just $1/day, Powered by Technology and driven by You. 

Customers can choose from three different base plans from Priority Home Warranty, all of which provide comprehensive coverage for a variety of systems and/or appliances.

  • Systems Home Care: You can get this plan only for $33 per month. This plan will cover Air Conditioning, Heating Systems, Electrical Systems, Plumbing systems, and more. Total of 8 pieces of equipment.
  • Total Home Care: This Plan will cost $47 and covers mostly all of your necessary equipment. Clothes Washer, Clothes Dryer, Kitchen Refrigerator, Built-In Microwave, Dishwasher, and more are included. A total of 16 covered appliances.
  • Appliance Home Care: Just like Systems Home Care, you can get this plan for $33 per month. In this case, Appliance Home Care covers dishwasher, garbage disposal, oven/range/stove cooktop, ceiling & exhaust fans.
Company Total Protect Priority Home Warranty
Plans3 plans: Appliances Plan, Systems Plan, Combo Plan3 plans: Systems Home Care, Total Home Care, Appliance Home Care
Cost per month$34.95 – $58.95 + $100 service fee$33 – $47 

Total Protect Home Warranty vs Priority Home Warranty Reviews

Both of the companies have a high level of service, which makes them high-rated companies. Total Protect Home warranty is accredited by Better Business Bureau, while  Priority Home Warranty isn’t.

Company Total Protect Priority Home Warranty
BBB accreditationyesno


However, Priority Home Warranty plans and services cost less, Total Home Protect Home has a wide range of covered systems and equipment to offer. 

By looking through the net, you may also notice, that Total Home Project has more positive reviews rather than Priority Home Warranty does.

Don’t forget, that when shopping for a house warranty, it’s necessary to select one that’s tailored to your home’s requirements.

Also, after you’ve decided on a plan to purchase, read the entire contract. The contract will explain how to use your house warranty, what you should expect as a homeowner, and the coverage, exclusions, and limits for each of your home’s systems or appliances.

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