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Thousands of homeowners and tenants have a home warranty in Indiana. The relief that a home warranty provides in the case of replacement or repair is unwavering in its benefits.

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Home Warranty

Home warranties are comparable to insurance policies or service contracts that cover the products and structural components of a residential building. This type of coverage is different from home insurance, which pays for damage and loss caused by natural disasters.

Home warranties cover equipment packages such as kitchen appliances, additional equipment like water heaters, HVAC units, sewers and gas pipes, plumbing and electrical systems, up to swimming pools and spas. Other forms of home warranty take care of home systems.

Home warranties are extremely popular and are considered to be as important as home insurance. They can both save the average home up to $1,500 in home repairs annually and provide the comfort of coverage for systems and appliance if any disasters happen.

Home Warranty in Indiana

Start Protecting Your Home with a Home Warranty

One of the best places and some of the best homes can only be found in Indiana. Located in the Midwestern and Great Lakes region of North America, Indiana is the home to indigenous people and cultures. Indianapolis is the capital city of Indiana and also the largest. 

The state has a very humid continental climate, with cold winters and hot and wet summers. Snowfall in Indiana varies widely across the state, mainly in the northwest and north-central parts. 

Living in Indiana is something a lot of people desire, and so is the need for a home warranty. A home warranty is just a service contract that helps us pay for repairs and replacement of home appliances and home systems. With a home warranty, you do not pay monthly or annually any fee in return, you pay a set amount or service fee, each time an appliance or system in your home fails. 

As you choose a plan and the service fee structure, you have to pay upfront for the entire year or may also set up monthly payments. Always select a home warranty company that meets all your coverage requirements of all or some of your appliances and systems at home. 

Why You Should Have a Home Warranty in Indiana

Living in Indiana is not that cheap. The monthly budget does not allow expensive repairs jobs. More importantly for elderly couples who live on a monthly fixed income. A home warranty is always a valuable tool that protects you from the heavy costs of repairs and replacements of your home alliances and systems.

Breakdowns in household items could be hard. Having a home warranty protection helps you in getting immediate and easy respite from the problems. You just need to place your request online or by phone, and repair assistance is deployed, who reaches you and repairs or replaces the covers home system or appliance. 

Home warranty in Indiana is not any insurance. It provides plans for you that keep your home appliances and systems working all the time. Your home appliances and systems get protection irrespective of their age. Most of the home warranty companies in India offer a guarantee of a certain period on the workmanship. A home warranty covers the cost of repairing major appliances and home systems that are not covered by any home insurance. 

In Indianapolis, the summers are pretty hot and winters are very cold. Having a home warranty in Indiana assures that all your home systems and appliances are covered from the extra wear and tear in these adverse weather conditions. 

The best home warranty companies in Indiana

Choice Home Warranty  

Choice Home Warranty has a reputation for ‘excellent and efficient services. The company is also the most recommended in the home warranty sector. They offer residents of Indiana the most comprehensive plans and also allow to build customized plans. 



  • Offers $50 0ff with one month of free subscription.
  • The basic plan does not cover major appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines in their basic plan
  • You can cancel your subscription for free within 30 days 
  • Have to call the company for detailed quotes 
  • Free re-service for failed repairs. 
  • Less information is available on the website 
  • Coverage of old systems.
  • Emergency services are available. 


Select Home Warranty 

The company’s professional approach to customer queries and complaints has earned them a good reputation in the Indiana market. They are ranked amongst the top 10 Home Warranty Companies in America. 



  • $150 off + 2 months free subscription.
  • Too many plans make it a bit confusing for customers.
  • Wide selection of plans.
  • Separate charges for regular items like air conditioners, refrigerators, and heaters
  • Free Roof Leak coverage with every plan.
  • Costs of additional services are high.
  • Professional approach.
  • Free cancellation with the first 30 days.
  • Zero transfer fee. 


Liberty Home Guard

Liberty Home Guard is a New York-based company that serves the all of United States including Indiana. Though it is relatively a new company, the reviews it has earned with its services are praiseworthy. They have a variety of plans in their offering that suits the need of every homeowner. 



  • $200 off + 2 Month Free Subscription + Free Roof Coverage with every plan. 
  • Standard coverage has fewer items under the cover
  • The only A+ accredited home warranty company.
  • A smaller company
  • Well-defined customer claim portal.
  • New in the market 
  • 24 hours services.
  • Very low chances of claim denial.