Most university towns in the U.S. are flooded with students, both domestic and international, during the semester months. Thus, landlords in these towns can expect a steady income from their rented homes between August – December, and February – June each year. Additionally, some students may take winter and summer semesters, assuring rent income in these months. However, a major concern for landlords in university towns is the damage from renters to their properties. A common question is, “Does home warranty cover damages from renters?”.

Furthermore, most landlords are usually unaware of their benefits by getting a home warranty for rented homes in university towns. Here, we consider the pros of taking a home warranty in university towns for landlords. This article will cover the following subjects in this order:

Reasons To Get Home Warranty In University Towns

Most homes in university towns like Cambridge, MA, are rented by students arriving from different areas. These students can be local and international arrivals. If an international student rents out your home, they may not be aware of the specific use of home appliances native to the US. Consequently, their usage may damage heating systems or other common home appliances. Also, student life is busy with social engagements. In most U.S. towns, it is a common practice for students to gather every Saturday night for partying and enjoying time together. This aspect suggests that home appliances are more likely to be used more than normal. Thus, they can face frequent breakdowns and malfunctions. The issue here for landlords is that each repair required due to damage from renters is expensive. When the repairs are required it’s, therefore, better to have the stress of having to fix it yourself, outsourced to a home warranty company.

Similarly, homes in university towns may be rented for shorter periods by students. This situation means that every time the house is given to a new tenant, the landlord must pay for repairs to bring the house in good condition. Thus, renters’ damage and the cost of repairs in university towns are the main reasons landlords should have a home warranty for rented homes.

What does your home warranty cover?

Landlords who purchase a home warranty for rented homes usually inquire whether the home warranty covers their appliances and systems. Home warranties usually offer very comprehensive plans that cover most repair and replacement costs for the landlord. Pre-installed appliances such as refrigerators, built-in microwaves, food systems, ice makers, and cloth washers are all covered by standard home warranty policies for rented homes. Consequently, if these appliances break down or malfunction, the repair, and replacement costs are covered by your periodic payments to your home warranty policy. Similarly, heating and cooling systems, exhaust systems, and electrical systems can all be covered. Additionally, the devices required in these systems, such as doorbells, garage openers, and smoke detectors, are also covered. 

Landlords in university towns are also should update their homes frequently to match every season’s requirements. In this case, home maintenance expenses become an additional burden on homeowners. Home warranty for rented homes covers most of the home maintenance expenses. As such, seasonal variations do not become an added burden on the landlord’s finances.

Home warranty for rented homes adds convenience.

A major issue with homes in university towns without home warranty is convenience. A student may try to correct any issue with the appliances themselves if they are on a tight budget. Usually, this action is taken to avoid paying the cost of a trained repairman. However, such unskilled repairs can permanently damage expensive appliances. If the landlord opts for a home warranty for rented homes, they get two specific benefits. First, the repair of their appliances is covered, which reduces any costs borne by the landlord for individual repairs. Secondly, skilled technicians are readily available for service during any season. Thus, landlords can maintain a stress-free mindset when it comes to finding a skilled technician during required repairs. The convenience also shifts to the student renting the house. If they are aware of the home warranty, they can use the home and its appliances more freely. Thus, the chances of getting better-paying tenants to increase for the landlord.


A home warranty is the best option to protect your home from damage from renters. It covers the costs of repairs and replacements, allowing the landlords to let our properties easily. The simple claim process, availability of skilled technicians, and numerous added benefits make home warranty for landlords a must-have in student towns.

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