The garbage disposal lifespan varies greatly on the way they are used and their maintenance. These systems are used to shred waste products from your kitchen to ensure no debris and clogging. However, they do have a limited lifespan and may require a replacement at one point. It is crucial to know how long they can last and the warning signs to replace the garbage disposal system. The article will consider the main signs determining when the garbage disposal system needs replacement.

garbage disposal lifespan

How long to garbage disposal last?

Most garbage disposal systems can last up to 15 years if maintained properly and regularly cleaned for any debris. It is important to use cold water regularly to remove any debris from the system. However, some issues may require the replacement of the garbage disposal system to be correct properly.

Unusual and strange noises from the system

The garbage disposal system consists of moving parts. Thus, any serious noises from these parts indicate that the system needs replacement. First, use a torchlight to check the inside the drain for any clogging or debris. In some cases, your silverware or a broken dish may be clogged inside the disposal system, causing extreme noises. However, if the noise does not correct itself, you need to call a professional home warranty provider to consider replacing the garbage disposal system.

Persistent foul odor

Food waste may end up producing a lot of foul odor. Usually, a well-maintained garbage disposal system can remove the smell soonest if working However, your garbage disposal system may smell really bad if the parties are struck inside the unit and not removed easily. In such cases, you may need to replace the garbage disposal system to remove the smell. Try removing the debris to increase the garbage disposal lifespan. If nothing works, call your professional home warranty provider to help with the replacement.

The disposal isn’t turning on

Sometimes, your garbage disposal system may not turn on due to the circuit breaker on your home panel. Similarly, issues with the unit itself may cause the disposal system to turn off. In some cases, you may be able to correct this issue yourself by turning on the circuit breaker or resetting the disposal system. However, if the appliance does not start still, you would need to replace it.

Water leakage

The garbage disposal system may face leakage due to the cracks that develop over time due to wear and tear. In case of any cracks causing leakage, the best option is to replace the system immediately to avoid any serious issues.

The reset button is struck

Sometimes, frequently pressing the reset button may cause it to be stuck in one place. Additionally, it is not advisable to press the reset button often. Instead, use the reset button only when you require an immediate reset. Otherwise, follow the proper method of turning the garbage disposal system off.

Home Warranties and garbage disposal

Home warranties differ in the coverage they provide for garbage disposal. Some home warranties like Select Home Warranty’ Platinum care package covers all the modules and components of the garbage disposal system. Others may not offer even primary coverage. Once your garbage disposal system requires a replacement, you must pay the service call-up fee and fill the claim. After the equipment is checked by the professional, they may offer you a replacement.


Garbage disposal system lifespan may vary from device to device. Always get a home warranty cover to ensure that you can replace the system.