The climate of Virginia is very diverse as Virginia has valleys, mountains, coastal plains. The humidity level is high enough and it is usually the biggest reason for home damages in Virginia. Furthermore, due to harsh winter and summer, almost all people use air conditioners and heating systems in their homes. So, in that case, if you get the facility of home warranty in Virginia, then you can easily save a significant portion of your money and time too.

Why You Should Have Home Warranty in Virginia?

Home warranties have been designed to protect homeowners from breakdowns of home appliances and other systems that may be caused due to normal wear and tear. The insurance pays for the loss due to damages that could have been caused by events like weather and fire, but not for your repair of expensive equipment and gadgets.

As we mentioned above, the homes in Virginia are affected due to the high humidity level. If you look at the history of temperature regulations, then it goes up to the 80s in the summer season and below to 30s in the winter season. Due to this, the HVAC system gets damaged earlier than its life expectancy. Even inside home appliances have a chance of being damaged if the owner turns off the home’s heating and cooling system. 

If you are planning to sell your house, the house with a home warranty has more chances for a better deal. According to the research, if your home has a home warranty, the chances of fast-selling a home at good rates are maximum compared to those who don’t have a home warranty.

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Home Warranty Companies in Virginia

ServicePlus Home Warranty

ServicePlus is a new one in the warranty market industry. This company has two plans, both of which provide buyers with the most used systems’ coverage. 

The two plans are Gold and Platinum. 

The Gold plan is the most popular one, since it covers the 15 main house appliances and systems, while the Platinum plan is the most comprehensive one since it covers a total of 20 various systems and appliances.



Liberty Home Guard

However, Liberty Home Guard has been on the market for few years, it already has gained recognition for the reason that it provides affordable prices and 24/7 service. 

Also, it has 3 plans for everyone. 

  1. Appliance Guard: The plan, which covers major home appliances, such as dishwashers, fridges, washing machines, dryers, and so on.
  2. Systems Guard: It will be just ideal for people, who need basic coverage, which includes heating, plumbing, electrical systems, heaters, etc.
  3. Total Home Guard: The last plan isn’t expensive and it does cover everything that the previous two do. 



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