Whatever the location of your house in Ohio is, the home warranty in Ohio provides significant advantages and protects the home system and appliances. The home warranty is also beneficial when you sell the home because it adds substantial value. But how to select the best home warranty in Ohio? This could be a tricky process. Below we will tell you how to select the home warranty in Ohio.

How to Choose a Home Warranty in Ohio

Home Warranty for a single-family house or townhouse

For those who have big houses with air conditioners and cooling units, Choice Home Warranty is proved to be the best option because of the great choice of items you can cover with its basic plan.

Home Warranty for a Condominium

In the condominium, the complete home warranty usually is the responsibility of homeowners as most people live in single apartments. So they don’t need to get the complete home warranty. In this case, if you want to buy a home warranty for small home appliances, then Select Home Warranty offers great plans for it at very reasonable and affordable prices.

Home Warranty for a Mobile Home

The ratio of mobile homes is very high in Ohio, approximately 234,000. So if you live in a mobile home, then  American Home Shield is the best option.

Why You Should Have a Home Warranty in Ohio?

The primary purpose of a home warranty is the safety and protection of the home. Ohio is a state where people face winter storms, so a home warranty in Ohio is a necessity. Moreover, the peak time for the harsh rains in Ohio is in April and July. Due to this reason, people select the plans which cover the roof leakage.

According to the survey, most of the homes of Ohio are old, so the owners and residents should get the facility of home warranty for the maintenance of the house.

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Home Warranty Companies in Ohio

Complete Care Home Warranty

Complete Care Home Warranty has been working since 2000 and has already provided millions of homeowners with their services. This home warranty company in Ohio will assist you in protecting your home’s systems and appliances from wear and tear.

Complete Care Home Warranty offers three plans for any budget and property. 



Priority Home Warranty

Priority Home Warranty exists only from 2020 but already is one of the top-rated warranty companies and provides a variety of standard service plans that cover main home systems and appliances for repairs if they break due to regular wear and tear.

Three main plans of a Priority Home Warranty are a System-only plan, an Appliance plan, and a Combo plan. 

Most eligible products have a liability limit of $1,600 per item per year with this home warranty company. This includes gaining access to the item, diagnosing it, repairing it, and replacing it.



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