The state of Maryland is located on the east coast of the United States. It is geographically divided into the east and the west. With a population of more than 6 million, the state of Maryland is spread over 27, 394 sq. km. Baltimore is the biggest city of Maryland, and Annapolis is the capital city.

Maryland is a beautiful state in the United States with a lot of greeneries around. The climate of Maryland is pretty diverse and wide. While the eastern half of the state experiences more hot and humid summers and mild, cool and shorter winters. On the other hand, the northern and the western part of the state receive seasonal snowfalls in winters and average summers. Overall, we can say that Maryland people have to experience hot continental climatic conditions most of the year. 

Because of being situated by the Atlantic coast, the state is highly vulnerable to tropical cyclones and strikes from major cyclones occur infrequently. Maryland, on average experiences almost 30 to 40 days of heavy thunderstorms in a year, and about six to seven tornadoes. 

Why You Should Have Home Warranty in Maryland?

The real estate market in Maryland is very well developed. Average of all the properties in Maryland was built in the year 1976. And this is one main reason that houses in Maryland need a comprehensive home warranty to cover the home appliances and systems. 

The main purpose of home warranties is to safeguard home appliances and systems from regular breakdowns that may be caused due to regular wear and tear. Home insurances cover the damages that are caused due to unprecedented events and weather conditions but do not cover the expensive gadgets and appliances that are used in the homes. 

A home warranty in Maryland can be explained as a type of home protection that helps us cover the cost of the repairs and replacements for all our home systems and appliances. Having a home warranty in Maryland can help us to be ensured of repairs and if need be replaced in case any of them breaks down. We will not have to shell out thousands of dollars in their repair. 

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The Best Home Warranty Companies in Maryland

Priority Home Warranty

Priority Home Warranty is the most affordable home warranty company in America. They operate with no risk of commitment. You always have the benefit to cancel your subscription or plan anytime you would like to and get a pro-rated refund for the period you will or have not used.

Easy claim submission (online and via phone).Have to call the company for detailed quotes 
Dedicated accounts manager for every customer. Less information is available on the website about plans. 
3-months addition subscription free with every plan. Plan prices are not on the higher side. 
Emergency services. 
90 days warranty on every job done. 

The Home Service Club

Founded in 2008, The Home Service Club is one of the best providers of comprehensive home service plans. Their plans include items that are otherwise considered add-ons by other home warranty companies. The company has won many accolades including the ‘Editor’s Choice’ and ‘Best Service’ awards.

Offers the best plans which include coverage of items that are otherwise considered add-ons.The plans available are expensive as compared with other home warranty companies in Maryland.
 Can set service call fee as per your preferences.  Service fees are high
Requires no home inspection. Options of the long contract term are unavailable.  

ServicePlus Home Warranty

ServicePlus Home Warranty is the first company in the USA to offer a home warranty that emphasizes more on quality than quantity. Has a comprehensive range of plans that covers almost every appliance and system in homes.

Comprehensive and affordable coverage plans. Plans do not cover a lot of regular appliances and systems. 
Full coverage even on duplicate appliances and systems. Add-ons services are expensive.
Local qualified technicians in the service network.Have to make a call every time you need services. 
2 Months free with every annual service plan. 
Fast 24×7 response.

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