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To begin with, buying a home warranty is a smart investment in your property. A home warranty is an annual service contract that will be protecting (repairing) your major household supplies from any damages or destructions, consequently saving your money and time.

Therefore, when you become the owner of real estate in California, you will want to secure all of your investment. And however, such thing as insurance can protect your property in a case of a sudden disaster, it won’t assist you as much as a warranty if any of your house systems will break due to age or usage. 

That’s a second reason why a warranty is in great request among residents of California. Paying monthly or annually for the home warranty in California will ensure, that all of the repairing and replacing will be done in your house for a much less price.

Home Warranty in California Review - Popular Plans


Usually starts at

$1 / Per Day


Usually starts at

$1.2 / Per Day

Home Warranty Companies in California

For a detailed understanding of what the home warranty company can provide you, check out the most affordable home warranty companies in California:

American Home Shield

American Home Sheild


American Home Shield is one of the oldest and best warranty companies on the market. It has experience of over 50 years in the business. 

AHS offers its customers three plans:

  • Systems Plan, which protects 11 different systems;
  • Appliances Plan, that protects 10 appliances;
  • Combo Plan, which protects over 21 home appliances and various systems;

American Home Shield in California offers its customers an option to choose a service call fee, which is between 50 and 125 dollars. It means, that if you pick a lower fee, your monthly cost will be more.


  • Many plans to choose from 
  • Low-cost options 


  • Low annual limits 
  • To use your own technician, you’ll need prior approval.

First Premier Home Warranty

Despite being quite a new company, First Premier home warranty already has a great reputation, which is based on good reviews. First Premier Home Warranty is an affordable and easy way for homeowners to purchase a high-quality home warranty.

First Premier Home Warranty in California offers its buyers two plans, which are a Premier Plan and a Premier Platinum Plan. Both are available monthly and yearly. The most complete package will be the Premier platinum, which includes all major systems and appliances.


  • High-rated company
  • Optional roof leak coverage


  • One year on the market
  • Can’t choose your own technician

The Home Service Club

The Home Service Club is one the US market since 2008. It is one of the best companies for comprehensive coverage because it has extensive plans with lots of add-ons. That is why this company had already won many awards, such as “Best in service” and “Editors choice”

The Home Service Club in California has two plans to offer, such as Standard with 18 systems included and Comprehensive with 33 systems and appliances.


  • Comprehensive home warranty plans
  • Nationwide coverage


  • Expensive compared to other companies
  • High service fee

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