home warranty for condos

Home warranty for condos can be confusing for some condo owners. Knowing how much condominiums cost and the different condos plan offered by home warranty companies can help you make an informed decision. Here, the article will discuss home warranties for Condos in detail, including:

Home Warranties for Condos

Home warranty plans for condos help condo owners easily cover the costs of system and appliance repair and replacement costs. The plans usually cover the appliances and crucial systems linked to the condo and its exterior maintenance. Condo insurance cost average is different than home warranty for condos. When considering the cost of homeowners’ insurance for a condo, you must note that it does not cover any systems or appliances inside your condo. Instead, the best condo insurance companies only cover external and natural disasters affecting your home, and as such, opting for a home warranty condo plan helps to cover the internal cover costs like condo HVAC replacement costs.

However, it must be noted that home warranty companies offer no specific condo warranty packages. Instead, the same packages offered for any regular home can be taken for condos as well. How much a condo warranty will cost depends on the package you select, the coverage you require, and your payment plan.

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How Much Will the Condo Warranty Cost?

Usually, the size of the condo, its location, and the appliances covered under the home warranty are the prime determinants of the costs of your package. On average, you can expect to pay between 400 to 750 USD per year. Remember, this cost is not the same as the maintenance fee paid to the condo association. The maintenance fee only covers the exterior and common areas of the condo. As such, the specific appliances and systems present in your unit are not covered by such a fee.

However, this fee usually helps in a lower premium required on your condo home warranty plans as a large area does not require any coverage. As such, you can get platinum plans for condo coverage between 45 to 60 USD per month.

Is Condo Home Warranty Worth the Price?

Having a home warranty ensures that any unexpected repair and replacement costs do not increase your financial burden substantially.

Condo Coverage

Most home warranties offered for the single-family home can help cover the condos as well. Here, there is no specific unique aspect related to the condos alone.


Get a home warranty plan that covers your condo today and reduces the expense of uncertain repairs and replacements. Consider the guide given in the article above to ensure that you make the right decision. Let us know in the comments section about your experience regarding Condo Home Warranty.

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