first premier home warranty vs complete care home warranty

When you own a property, you must keep a close eye on your finances. That’s because owning a home comes with a slew of hidden costs, the majority of which revolve around maintaining and replacing home systems and appliances. A home warranty is an annual service contract that helps safeguard your house’s systems and appliances from wear and tear breakdowns.

Indeed a home warranty covers wear and tear breakdowns of covered home equipment and systems – it’s the warranty you need to protect yourself from the little things that can go wrong in your house.

So you may take a look at the two home warranty companies below. First Premier Home Warranty and Complete Care Home Warranty.

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Despite being a new company, First Premier Home Warranty has already established a great reputation. Which is based on positive consumer feedback from third-party review sources. So, for homeowners wishing to obtain coverage for their home’s systems and appliances, First Premier Home Warranty has established itself as a firm worth considering.

Whereas, Complete Care House Warranty has provided homeowners with affordable home warranties and service call rates.

CompanyFirst PremierComplete Care
Not available inWashington, Oregon, Nevada, California, Wyoming, New Mexico, Minnesota, Iowa, Arkansas, Louisiana, South Carolina, Maryland, Connecticut, Massachusets, Vermont, New Hampshire, MaineWashington, California, Alaska

First Premier Home Warranty vs Complete Care Home Warranty Coverage

If you’re in the market for a home warranty plan, then the First premier Home Warranty and Complete Care Home warranty plans will be just a great solution. Take a look at which services they offer below and decide which one is better for you

First Premier Home Warranty Coverage and Plans

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Customers can choose between two home warranty plans: a premium plan and a premier platinum plan, both of which are available on a monthly or yearly basis.

Complete Care Home Warranty Coverage and Plans

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There are three plans available from Complete Care Home Warranty: a Systems Plan, an Appliances Plan, and a Combo Plan.

CompanyFirst PremierComplete Care
Plans3 Plans: Premium Plan, Premier Premium Plan, and Optional Plan3 Plans: Systems Plan, Appliances Plan, and Combo Plan

First Premier Home Warranty vs Complete Care Home Warranty Cost

First Premier Home Warranty offers The Premier Plan’s annual payment option is about $32 per month, while the Premier Platinum Plan’s annual payment option is about $35 per month. They also have an Optional plan, the cost should be asked directly from the provider.

Complete Care Home Warranty offers affordable home warranty contracts and a minimal $49 service fee that you pay up in advance to your contractor. System-only coverage and appliance-only coverage start at $43 per month and the Combo plan is $50 per month.

CompanyFirst PremierComplete Care
Cost per month$32 and $35from $43 to $50

First Premier Home Warranty vs Complete Care Home Warranty Reviews

First Premier Home Warranty has received an A- rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This means, so far, the clients’ feedbacks have been very positive.

Complete Care Home Warranty, on the other hand, has a B rating and has received largely good feedback for its service and prompt responses.

Both home warranty organizations are excellent ways to protect your pocketbook from costly repairs while also providing peace of mind. It is suggested that you obtain quotations from these companies on your own. So that you can make the best option for you and your house.

CompanyFirst PremierComplete Care
BBB accreditationyesyes


Customers of both companies appreciate their service and programs since they are straightforward, comprehensive, and cost-effective. 

But if you are looking for a home warranty company with a top rating, then First Premier Home Warranty is what you were searching for. Despite its high ratings, it is also cheaper than Complete Care Home Warranty.

However, if you need as many systems and equipment to be covered, then Complete Care Home Warranty will be your solution. Moreover, it offers its clients inexpensive add-ons to their plans.

Important to remember, if the manufacturers’ warranties on your appliances have expired, it may be time to consider a home warranty plan to assist pay for service, repairs, or replacement. However, there are coverage limits, so find out how much the warranty provider will reimburse you if you plan to replace an appliance with an upgraded model.

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