How to choose a home warranty company for your roof coverage?

does a home warranty cover roof

A roof home warranty is important to cover the expenses of your roof repair and replacement. Usually, home warranties cover the main systems and appliances in your home. However, many home warranty companies offer extended coverage for other home items like swimming pools and roofs. In this article, we will discuss the home warranties that […]

How Septic Tank Works: Installation and Replacement Costs

Septic tank work

The septic tank system is a crucial component of most houses. Usually, many homeowners care about the repair, installation, and replacement costs of septic tanks. Additionally, another added issue is how the costs vary by septic tank size, style, and capacity. Septic tank aerator replacement and filter issues must be considered in detail as well. […]

Home warranty for condos: cost, plans, and coverage

Home warranty for condos can be confusing for some condo owners. Knowing how much condominiums cost and the different condos plan offered by home warranty companies can help you make an informed decision. Here, the article will discuss home warranties for Condos in detail, including: Home Warranties for Condos Home warranty plans for condos help […]

How to replace your light switch by yourself?

light switch wiring

Hiring a technician for simple jobs that you can do yourself is an unnecessary increase in your home maintenance expenses. One such simple task is replacing your light switch. Usually, light switches are prone to damage and may stop working after a few years of use. Similarly, you may want to replace the light switch […]

How can you fix a blown fuse by yourself?

blown fuse in circuit breaker

A blown fuse or a blown circuit breaker can render a device or appliance useless until corrected. However, in most cases, a homeowner does not need to hire a technician to change a blown fuse in the house that won’t reset. Instead, a blown fuse in the circuit breaker can be fixed manually as well. […]

How to choose a home warranty company for your HVAC system?

do home warranties cover HVAC

Your HVAC system is very important to the overall comfort of your home. A faulty HVAC system, especially in extreme temperatures, can badly damage your living standards. However, finding the best air conditioning company providing home warranties to cover the HVAC system is difficult. Here, the article will discuss how to get your home warranty […]

How to fix a leaking toilet base?

toilet base leaking

A leaking toilet is unhygienic, smelly, and extremely harmful for both the health of your family members and the structural strength of your house. Usually, a toilet leaking at the base can be fixed at home without hiring a professional technician. For this purpose, you know the reasons that cause the toilet base to leak […]

Who regulates home warranty companies in California?

home warranties in california

Regulation of residential services contracts and home warranty companies offering these contracts is extremely important to prevent fraud, manipulation, malpractice, and other problems for the customers. Each state has its laws under the defined federal guidance for home warranty companies’ regulation. As such, the rules in California differ based on the separate home warranty companies’ […]

The Home Service Club Review: Cost, Plans and Coverage

Selecting the right home warranty provider is important to ease your home’s maintenance process and reduce repair and replacement costs. One major player in the home warranty market today is the Home Service Club. The Home Service Club reviews suggest that customers are highly satisfied with the service quality provided by the HSC home warranty. […]

American Home Shield Review: Cost, Plans and Coverage

ahs home warranty

The home warranty market is highly saturated, with multiple providers offering their services in a range of different options and states. Among these providers, American Home Shield warranty has created a name for itself for its excellent customer service and coverage in multiple states throughout the country. American home shield warranty reviews suggest that customers […]