5 Reasons Why A Homeowner Needs Home Warranty This Winter

Winter is the favorite season of many people. However, a damaged home that costs you thousands of dollars to repair can reduce the winter season’s enjoyments. Furthermore, most homeowners are concerned about the possible home improvement preparation costs required for the winter season. A home warranty can cover such costs and make your winter an […]

Home Warranty for Airbnb – Why it’s Necessary

Home Warranty for Airbnb

A common theme in Airbnb is that hosts often feel tensed over what will happen when guests end up damaging their homes. What happens if guests leave after breaking a fridge or ruining the heating system? These thoughts always stress out Airbnb hosts when letting out their homes to potential guests. Additionally, the host is […]

Home Warranty for Landlords in University Towns

Home Warranty for Airbnb

Most university towns in the U.S. are flooded with students, both domestic and international, during the semester months. Thus, landlords in these towns can expect a steady income from their rented homes between August – December, and February – June each year. Additionally, some students may take winter and summer semesters, assuring rent income in […]

Home Warranties and Rented Properties: What’s Covered?

roof problems

It is a common practice for people to rent out their spare properties. It is also common that landlords will always remain stressed over the protection of their homes, systems, and appliances. Additionally, unexpected repair and replacement costs may arise to correct any damage from renters. Another concern for landlords is whether home warranty for […]

10 Home Appliances That Need Home Warranties if You Want to Sleep Well at Night

Home appliances

Home appliances are expensive and replacing them can be a serious financial burden. Consequently, homeowners generally remain stressed about protecting their home appliances from any damage. Your refrigerator, cloth washers, and built-in microwaves are just a few examples of appliances whose repair and replacement costs are very high. However, homeowners can avoid these costs through […]

The Top 10 Most Common Roof Problems and Repairs

roof problems

Roof problems can become a headache if they occur frequently. The current price of roof repairs is at an all-time high, which can burden a person’s financial resources. Purchasing a home warranty saves money for roof repairs by covering the costs for a periodic payment. Such cost of roof repairs can include anything between simple […]

How Much Do Roof Repairs Cost?

limitations of home warranty

Living expenses are rising in the U.S. steadily. Most middle-income families take measures to reduce living costs and actively save money. However, most people tend to neglect the costs of home repairs in such calculations. It may be surprising how specific home improvement costs can form a large part of their monthly spending. For example, […]

8 reasons why you should always hire a professional for your appliance repairs

appliance repairs

Appliances are a crucial component of a comfortable home. Usually, the most important and frequently used appliances come at a hefty price tag. Consequently, great care is required when dealing with appliance repairs. Regular use causes wear and tear, breakdowns and malfunctions in appliances. It cannot be completely avoided. However, the owner has control over […]